A Wii connect to Netflix

connect a Wii with Netflix

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Maluniu Netflix is an American company that delivers on \ ‘ \ ‘ streaming video on demand over the internet. For a fixed monthly fee, subscribers can watch unlimited tv shows & movies. It is now also available in Netherlands and can be viewed on a tv via a Wii for example. In this article you’ll read how to do it




 a Wii connect to Netflix

Connect your Wii to the internet. The settings for the internet connection can be found in the menu ” connections ” . Click on the Wii button in the lower-left corner. Click on ” Wii settings ” you can find the button ” Internet ” on the second page of the menu ” Wii settings ” . To select an option you point it to and press the ” A ” button.


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Open the menu ” ” Wii channels. This can be found in the ” Wii Shop Channel ” . Select the icon of the ” Wii Shop Channel ” on the top right of the Wii home screen and press ” A ” . Accept the terms of the Wii Shop Channel as this is the first time you use the service. Select ” Wii channels ” in the main menu of the Wii Shop Channel and press ” A ” . Then select ” start ” and then ” start shopping ” at the bottom of the screen.

3 find and download the Netflix app from the menu ” Wii channels ” . Search the Netflix app by scrolling through the list of apps. Press the icon from Netflix and press ” A ” to view the details on the page ” information ” . Choose in the ” information ” the option ” download: 0 Wii points ” or ” Free: 0 Wii points ” to start the download. Choose ” Download location in the screen ” select ” Wii console ” . Pressure in the screen ” Software confirmation ” on the button ” OK ” and then click ” Yes ” .

4 wait until the app is downloaded. This may take a few minutes. After you are done, the screen ” Download succeeded! ” displayed. Choose ” Ok ” . Now you have if it is good access to Netflix from the Wii menu.

5 Make a Netflix account, if you haven’t had . You can do this only on your computer. If you have done this you can switch to your Wii.

6 Open the Netflix app from the Wii menu and sign up. Select ” Start ” to open the channel. Select ” sign up for members ” . Fill in your e-mail address and your password and click ” continue ” .

7 Log out if desired. There is no Unsubscribe button on the Wii, so logging out can only through your Wii again from your Netflix account. How to do this can be found in this article. It can be useful to your Wii from the Wii Netflix, for example if you are going to sell or if you do not want you children can view Netflix. Netflix lets you only a limited number of devices connecting to your account, so it may be that you need to disconnect the Wii to Netflix via another device.



Nintendo has made it easier to use Netflix on Wii; you have no drive or activation code required. Netflix the first month is free. So you can try a month at no cost and then cancel if necessary.



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