Create a YouTube account

create a YouTube account


edited by Maluniu, YouTube allows users to browse videos by millions of added. With a YouTube account you can calculate and save videos, upload own videos and share with your friends. Read in this guide you will learn how to create a YouTube account


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1 go to to start . Before you create an account you need to be aware of the following: If you have a YouTube account, you also create a Gmail account. This will appear as: [YouTube username] @gmail .com if you have a YouTube account, create an account for you Google +. Google + is Google’s social network, and is similar to Facebook. This account lets you customize the settings by clicking the tab ” Google + ” at the top of your browser. This tab is only free when you stay with your YouTube account or Gmail account are logged. If you do not plan to use Google +, then you can choose to delete this account. Your YouTube account will work as normal. What you on YouTube does has nothing to do with what you on Google’s sister sites does. For example, if you are watching something on YouTube, then this will not be visible on Google +.


 create a YouTube account

click ” login ” . You can find this button in the upper-right corner of the home page.

 create a YouTube account
3 click on ” create an account ” . This button can be found in under the login window. If you already have a Gmail account, you would also need to have a YouTube account already. Use your Gmail username and password to login to YouTube.

 create a YouTube account

fill in the required information. Enter your email address, your username, your date of birth, and your gender in, and proof that you ” are not a robot. ” You can also skip this step, and enter your mobile phone number. It may be that you in this way, a verification code sent by sms. Then click ” next step. ”

 create a YouTube account

fill in the verification code is sent to your phone . Then click ” continue ” .

 create a YouTube account

decorate your personal YouTube page. On your personal profile you can have a profile picture, your own background, and add a number of other things. Try to show yourself.

 create a YouTube account

enjoy the benefits that an account with it. Once you’ve created a YouTube account, you can: create and Add Videos to the YouTube community. Follow your favorite users by subscribing to their channel. Manage your favorite songs, videos and online episodes. On videos respond, and socialise with other members of YouTube.


Tips don’t let chests by a rude comment. A nice comment can you make other already do. People who leave nasty comments are just not sure of the quality of their own videos. Always be careful on YouTube. Some people on YouTube all. If you are still a child, first ask your parents for permission before you create an account. Even if it seems sometimes not so, they know what is best for you. It may take awhile before you ‘ views ‘ and ‘ subscribers ‘ gets. This usually happens not within fifteen minutes after you have uploaded your first video.


Warnings it is important to review the privacy policy and the terms of service carefully before you create a YouTube account. To log into YouTube you should have at least 13 years old. If you are not yet 13, you can create an account yet so. Beware — there are a whole lot of bad people on YouTube. If you’re not so old, first ask your parents for permission before you create an account.
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