Refresh a Web page

refresh a Web page

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Karo, Maluniu when you visit a Web site, data from that site on your computer. This is also known as the ” cache ” and helps in faster loading of the website when you visit it the next time, because the data are loaded from your own computer now, rather than from the server. Generally this not for problems, but it also occurs that you want the site sends new data to your computer. This is certainly important for webdevelopers who like the changes that have been made in a Web site want to see, as soon as they are uploaded. To change the default Refresh command you can force the customers you send new data. «Read on at step 1

how to do this.



 refresh a web page

1 Ctrl-F5 Key. In almost all browsers will writing Ctrl-F5 cause the browser fetches the data from the website of the server rather than from the cache. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer sending all a ” Cache-Control: no-cache ” command to the server. This forces the server to send the complete Web page to your browser.[1] for Safari users on OS X, press Option-Command-E to your cache and then press Command-R for refreshing the page. Because the cache is now empty, the Web page will be fetched from the server. If you do not want to create the entire cache, then look at the next step.


 refresh a web page

2 Shift-click the Refresh button . While pressing the Refresh button on the address bar of your browser run just a regular refresh, you can also force a refresh from the server by the Shift keys, and then click the Refresh button. hear Internet Explorer users, press Ctrl and then click the Refresh button.

 refresh a web page

3 do you remove cache. If you like all the websites you’ve visited want to top up of their respective servers, then you can also decide to remove the local cache. This forces the customers to send the latest version of the server. Users who with their mobile Internet must also do this, because there is no faster way to force a refresh in mobile device browsers.


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