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download a song, Kwintenc, edited by Jess

download a song and 11 others is quite simple. Except for people who have never before done.


Steps 1 for a download program such as LimeWire, as this is used by a lot of people, and therefore there are many people who can help you with your download .

2 type the song title at

title \ ‘ \ ‘ 3

type the name of the artist at \ ‘ \ ‘


genre/album possibly: 5

When you have found and the search results have picked the good number look like: then click it with your right click on it and select Download \ ‘ \ ‘.

6 it will take a while before the song is downloaded. When there is not enough sources \ ‘ \ ‘, you can specify the same: there are not enough computers that have that number on it. \ ‘ Hosts are occupied \ ‘ means that the computers that have the number, used by other downloaders.

7 Is did manage? Your number is automatically transferred to your media library. Look it up, double click and at most computers will Windows Media Player playback.
Tips to not type long search. LimeWire will display a message that is similar to the following: \ ‘ \ ‘ in your search Briefly. on only here so bad! Download songs that copyright is itself not punishable, but the parts though. Make sure you share, or this sent off. Some music files can contain viruses. Downloading these files you could prevent this by looking to the size of the file; a normal number of 3.5 minutes is about 2 a 4 MB in size, depending on the quality of the song (this is 2000-4000 KB).

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