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2 parts: accessing your accountJe account

If the world of funny photo filters and funny frames anyway turns out to be nothing for you, you can cancel your instagram account might be better. Just follow these simple steps to get your instagram account, then you can quickly underway with making less stylized



Steps part 1 of 2: accessing your account

1 Consider to make a backup copy of your photo’s . If you delete your account disappear all your photo’s and video’s. so make sure you back up on your computer if you want to keep this.


2 go to the home page of instagram. You can cancel your account, unfortunately, not through the app on your phone, you need to use your computer. Open your browser and go to instagram.com.[1] you can delete your account with a smartphone, but you must then perform the steps below in a browser. Your account is not deleted when you do it on a phone.

3 instagram-sign in to your account. Click on the ” sign in ” button on the home page of Instgram. Now you will be directed to a login page, enter your username and password. Click on ” sign in ” .

part 2 of 2: delete your account


search your account page for your username. You can find your username in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on your username.


View the drop-down menu that appears. One of the options is ‘ Edit profile ‘. Click on this link.

3 go to the bottom of the page. You are now on a page with your account information (which you can edit here if you like). At the very bottom you’ll find a button that says ” I want to delete my account ” . Click on this button.


answer the questions of instagram. Instagram now asks you why you want to delete your account. Click on the dropdown menu for possible reasons or give a reason in the selection box. Most people select ” Other ” , but you can select what you want. If you select something other than ” Other ” you should also fill in the other fields.


please re-enter your password.

6 Remove your account. You will now see a text box that says ” remove my account ” . If you’re sure you want to delete your account, press Enter or click in the box. Kinda like in mind that you can use this account name never again and that all your photo’s will be gone forever.



Tips even if you remove your account and photo’s, it could be that instagram they still saves.


Warnings you can restore your account after you have it removed. All information including photo’s and video’s have been removed. So save everything before you delete it.
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