Get a verified account on Twitter

get a verified account on Twitter

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wouldn’t it be great if you also so \ ‘ n blue had authentication badge on your Twitter profiles? That means that your Twitter account has been verified. Twitter authentication used to establish the authenticity of Twitter identities. They focus on ” frequently looked for users in the field of music, acting, fashion, Government, politics, religion, journalism, media, ads, business and other important areas of interest ” . Here’s how you too can get a verified Twitter account.


Steps 1-determine if you are eligible for a verified Twitter account. Twitter verifies accounts as little as possible and they do it only if you have a legitimate reason for there. An example of a legitimate reason is if you have a known public figure are (a sportsman, an artist, a politician etc.) and your name is abused and parodied in various Twitter accounts, causing confusion.[1] many companies with a verified Twitter account have indicated that spending $ 5000 per month to advertise on Twitter also is seen as legitimate reason for a verified account. Twitter has that never officially confirmed.[2][3] you will not be eligible for authentication only on the basis of the number of followers. Twitter says that if you still want to confirm the authenticity of your Twitter account you can add a link to your Twitter profile to your official website. The way to do this is through the follow button of Twitter on your Web page. This way you can obtain more followers through your own website and this can be useful if you have multiple Twitter accounts exist under your name.


2 review prerequisites for verified accounts. In these conditions you can read what a verified account is, what it means to be a verified account, who have the verification badge, how to recognize a verified account etc. You can find it here.
3 find out how you can request a verified account. Send a message to this address. Make sure you have the following information ready: Account name full name Location official website biography (information about yourself in less than 160 characters) Contact person (the person who manages your account)

Additional contact information 4 wait for Twitter replied. Send a letter or email again if you do not get a response. Just keep in mind that Twitter receives many authentication requests, Twitter focuses on the ” main ” users.

5 follow the instructions of Twitter to to verify your account. If Twitter decides to give a verified account to you they will send you a message. Click on the link in the message to complete the verification process. The last part of the process consists of 3 parts: Learn how you can effectively tweeting, connect with other interesting Twittergebruikers and protect your account.[4] learn how to Tweet effectively gives you the choice between two tweets and asks you to choose which of the two do you think is best. It is in the form of a quiz and there are no negative consequences if you don’t give the right answer.[5] make contact with other interesting Twittergebruikers will give you the option to other verified accounts to follow. Twitter will find this deserves more legitimacy if authenticated user.[6] at protect your account you will be asked to provide a phone number on Twitter you can achieve if there are any problems with your account. If you have completed this step did you finally get your verified account!

[7] 6 not change your account information. Once you have received an authorization badge, it is important that you the account information does not change. If you do could it be that Twitter the badge from your decreases. And then start the process again from the beginning.


Tips We all want to have a verification badge, but let’s face it: Twitter is very sparingly in granting requests. Don’t bother if you already think not being able to get the badge. If you don’t qualify for a verified account is the best way to show that you really are who you say post a link on your official website to your Twitter account.


submitting an authorization request Alerts does not guarantee that Twitter will react. Having a verified account does not mean that others will stop to create nepaccounts of you. If your account has been verified you will find that some followers have been removed.


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