Create a Facebook profile

Create A Facebook profile

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1 methods: creating your own Facebook profile

with Facebook you can easily make contact with your friends, for example by photo’s to share. But you will see that you also comes into contact with people you have not seen for a long time. Before you know it you have hundreds of friends. To create a Facebook profile you just follow the simple steps in this article.


Steps to create your own Facebook profile

 create A Facebook Profile

create an account with Facebook. On the home page of Facebook is quite large: ” register ” . Below that you can immediately start creating an account. Enter your first and last name and enter a valid email address in the following box. Confirm this email address so that you are sure you have created no spelling errors. Facebook has your email address is required because an email will be sent with an activation link. In addition, Facebook sends you subscribe for email updates and birthdays. Then you give a password, your date of birth and your gender. Please read the terms and conditions by and click ” register ” .


 create A Facebook Profile

2 activate your account. Facebook will send you an e-mail with activation link. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. You will automatically be redirected to your new Facebook profile.

 create A Facebook Profile

Search 3 friends. Now follow a number of steps to set up your profile. First, Facebook to search for your email account to see if email addresses are linked to existing Facebookaccounts in your inbox. So you can easily add friends and acquaintances as a friend on Facebook. Enter your email address and password, Facebook is going then immediately search. Select the people you want to add as a friend by selecting the check boxes next to their photo’s and clicking on ” Add friend ” . Next, you have the opportunity to invite people from your address book that do not have Facebook account. Click ” save and continue ” .

4 at the next step you can your high school, your University, your employer, your current residence and place of residence specify. Click ” save and continue ” , now gives Facebook a new list with suggestions for possible friends. Click on ” Add friend ” next to the one you want to add as a friend. Click ” save and continue ” .

 create A Facebook Profile
5 Add a profile photo. The last step is to add a picture of yourself. You can take a picture with your webcam or you can upload an existing photo from your hard drive. This is the picture you will see next to all your friends on Facebook posts and comments. Please note: the photo you choose is public, anyone can see this picture will come on your page, even if you have your page further shielded.

 create A Facebook Profile

6 take a tour. After you have uploaded a profile picture you come right away on your new Facebook page. At the top of the page you will see ” Welcome to your profile ” . If you have some additional information on how everything works you can click on the button ” Start Tour ” . Below that you can go ahead with setting up your profile. For example, it is nice to have a \ ‘ \ ‘ to add cover photo, which is the large image at the top of your page. Click on ” add cover photo ” , you can now upload a picture or choose from existing photo’s. you can then adjust the position of the picture by the photo and drag to the desired position.


Tips we recommend that you immediately adjust privacy settings. Click on the gear icon on the top right of the page and choose ” privacy settings ” .


Warnings do not add people as a friend you don’t know, especially if you are under 18 are. Use Facebook not to bully others. You have no idea what impact you have on your harassment victims. Do not put your phone number or address on Facebook, not even with the highest privacy settings. Your account can always be hacked. Never complain on Facebook about your job, your employer or your colleague’s. your network is bigger than you think, it can have unpleasant consequences. You may not create profile if you don’t have a 13. Think about what you put on Facebook. For example, not everyone is served by perverted jokes. Set your profile so that only friends can see it. If you publish your profile you can attract potentially dangerous types.
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