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edited by Maluniu eBay close account maybe eBay the last time you lost interest. Or maybe you want to allow yourself no longer buying things you don’t need. If you, for whatever reason, want to close your eBay account, you can read here

what you need to do.



1 make sure that you are sure you want to close your account. If you have closed this account once, let eBay you have no other more under the same username or email address. You can create a new account with a new username or any other email address. If you no longer want to receive junk email, you can also inform eBay that instead of closing your account; You’ll receive no more unwanted mail from eBay. If you have problems with your account, such as problems with pay, you can set up your account without closing him otherwise. Please contact eBay if there are unresolved issues that might be to close your account to resolve without. Remember that closing the account means you lose all history and that username or email address that never more for using eBay.


Log in 2. You have to login with your username for it to be able to close.

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3 Verify that you no longer owe an amount. If there are any open amounts, you must pay first before you can close your account. If someone owes you money, you need a payout questions before you close your account.


find the link to close your account. Click here, log in and follow further instructions from eBay.


eBay’s Security Questions Answered. You will be asked why you want to close your account; answer honestly and as directed. Then click on the phrase ” No. Close my account ” , and then click to indicate that you have provided the information eBay in terms of closing the account read.

Wait 6. The account is not closed immediately–eBay suggests a waiting period to ensure that all transactions are properly handled. You can no longer offer, places, buy or your contact information change during this waiting period. You can, however, at your personal information. You will receive an email with a confirmation of closing your account once the waiting period has expired.


Feedback you have left for others Tips on eBay will continue to exist. If your account is suspect, you can make it do not close until this is resolved.


Warnings if you have used your email address as username, change that for your account first then connect. Else remains with any feedback still your email address visible.

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