Share a message on Facebook

share a message on Facebook

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, Maluniu proofreader Has a friend of you something hilarious posted on Facebook and you want to share it with other people? On Facebook, you can quickly share posts by others, including status updates, photo’s, video’s and more. You don’t have to create a new message every time you encounter something amazing to share what you are. See step 1 below to learn how to do this.


Steps 1 locate the item that you want to share. You can share just about everything what someone else has already put on Facebook. Browse through the feed to the status, image, link or to find any message you’d like to share. You can not post parts of secret groups.


2 Click on the parts link. This can be found under the message, in addition to like and respond.

3 choose where you want the item to replacing. If you click it pops up a new window on Parts. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the window to choose where you want the item to rest. You can choose to put it on your own time line to post or that of a friend or group, or in a private message. If you select the timeline of a friend, then you will be asked for the name of your friend. If you select the timeline of a group, then you will be asked for the name of your group. If you want to share in a private message, then you will be asked to fill in the recipient (s).

4 Place a new message. If you want to share an item, then you get the possibility to place a message. This message appears above the shared item, with the original message at the bottom. You can tag people in the message by typing ” @ ” followed by the name of the person.

5 you can choose to indicate who has placed the message as first . Standard is set that when you share a message, the original author of the message is mentions. You can choose to delete, this info by clicking on Remove link next to the name of the original poster of the message.
6 Choose your privacy settings. You can use the pull-down menu at the bottom of the window to specify which of your friends can see the message. You can choose to make it public (Public), visible only to your friends, only visible to you or you can choose from your lists.

7 the message Part. Are you totally happy with your settings then you can share the message by clicking on the share button. The item appears in the timeline or the message that you have indicated.[1] depending on the privacy settings of the original message may be that the message not with others, or not with everyone, please share.


Tips these steps also work at mobile versions of Facebook. If the message has no parts-link, then you should copy and paste the contents of the message in your own Facebook message.


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