Delete a blog at Tumblr

delete a blog at Tumblr


edited by Maluniu, you have a blog on Tumblr that you are no longer using? Shame on you you might for the content and would you want it disappeared off the face of the Earth? Even though it is not easy to find, it is definitely possible to remove your primary blog or a secondary blog. You can even remove your entire Tumblr account if you want to. Find out how you do that.


Steps a Blog on Tumblr

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 deleting a blog at Tumblr

1 sign in to Tumblr.

Ad a Blog on Tumblr


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 deleting a blog at Tumblr

Open the account settings. You come here by clicking on the icon of the sprocket at the top of the page. a Blog on Tumblr

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 deleting a blog at Tumblr
3 select the blog you want to delete. On the left side of the page you see the list of all your blogs. Remember when deleting a secondary blog that this cannot be removed if there are still active members. If you delete your primary blog will be your entire Tumblr account deleted. a Blog on Tumblr

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 deleting a blog at Tumblr
4 Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you can see either the button Delete this blog \ ‘ \ ‘ (secondary blog) or \ ” Delete Account \ ‘ (primary blog). Click the button to proceed with delete. If you remove a secondary blog you will leave first. If there are any other active members are disconnected, but does not remove it from your account. If you have a primary blog, and so your account, you will be asked to delete the Web address of your Tumblr, your email address and your password. All purchased theme’s will also be removed. You can possibly contact Tumblr to the theme’s transfer to another blog. Your unused Tumblr Credits will also be removed.



Tips if you only want that no one else can see your blog you can password protect the blog, you need to remove it or not (Note: this can only at secondary blogs). As Google Reader the entries of your blog has indexed it is a good idea to edit all entries by emptying them. Otherwise, anyone who subscribed to the RSS feed is still read your blog.


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