Allow cookies in Firefox

Allow Cookies in Firefox

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2 methods: Allow Cookies on a

on a Windows computer

MacCookies allow a cookie (also called webcookie, browser cookie or HTTP cookie) is a piece of text that is stored by the Web browser of a user. A cookie can be used for password authentication, saving the content of your site preferences, shopping cart or other matters. Use the following steps to allow cookies in Firefox



Steps method 1 of 2: Allow Cookies on a Mac

1 Open Firefox.


2 Click on ” Firefox ” top left.
3 click ” Preferences ” .

4 click ” Privacy ” .

5 Select ” Firefox will remember history ” If you want to allow all cookies.

6 select ” Firefox will use custom settings for history ” If you want to control what Firefox does and does not allow . View the options and select the business you want Firefox to remember them. You can also specify exceptions, so websites that you don’t want to save cookies on your computer.
method 2 of 2:

on a Windows computer Cookies allow

1 Open Firefox.

2 click ” Tools ” and then click on ” options ” .

3 Click on ” Privacy ” in the ” options ” dialog box .

4 click ” use custom settings for history ” in the drop-down menu ” Firefox will ” .
5 select ” accept Cookies from sites ” .

6 click OK.


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