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Google + get general support you have a problem with a product or service from Google? You have a great idea to correcting the manner in which Google does things? Are you come across offensive content on someone’s profile or Google + YouTube channel? Google has all kinds of ways to contact them, depending on your needs. Follow this guide to get behind some of the most useful ways to come to contact with Google



Steps Method 1 of 5: Contact Gmail


report a problem in an e-mail message. If a message does not work properly, for example if labels are not applied if the message goes to the wrong receiver, please use this form. You’ll probably receive a response, because the information is used to improve the functioning of Gmail.


Sign 2 harassment. If you receive harassing or threatening messages, please use this form to sign up. You can also use this if someone is pretending to be Google. You will get no response on this form.

3 Get a hacked account back. If your account has been hacked and you can no more, use this page to recover your access.

4 set a function for. If you have an idea to make Gmail better, you can submit your idea on this page. You’ll probably receive a response, but your function can be considered for future versions of Gmail.


2 of 5: Contact AdWords

1 call the AdWords team. If you want to talk to someone who works at AdWords, please call 0800 020 2736. Their office hours are from 9: 00-18: 00 o’clock. You should give your 10-digit customer number to get support.

2 Chat live with AdWords support. If you’d rather chat than calling with anyone of the support, you can do so via this link. The people of ondersteuningschat during the same hours as the work that came with the phone. You will be asked to log in to AdWords and to describe in general terms the problem before the chat starts.

Method 3 of 5: Contact YouTube

report 1 slander. If you think a YouTube video you data is used without your permission, you can sign in with this form.

2 report a trademark complaint. If you think a video or channel your trademarks used without permission, you can use this page to report it. You will be asked to contact the uploader before you put your complaint to YouTube reports.

3 send a copyright complaint. If a video or channel your copyrighted material used without your permission, this page gives you the details on how to submit a complaint.


Sign content inappropriate or intimidating. If your video’s have found that the terms and policies of YouTube violating, or a video with cyber bullying, harassment or with which children will be put at risk, you can use this page to report it. You can have multiple video’s and reporting channels at once with these tools.

5 become a YouTube Partner. To sign up for the YouTube partner program, please fill out this form


Method 4 of 5: contacting Google +

1 Send feedback and suggest ideas for Google +. If have an idea for a future Google + function, or something to report on part of the site design, you can use this page to get more information. You can also join the Google + Help community and employees of support specific questions.


Sign inappropriate profiles and content. If you come across offensive or inappropriate on a Google profile +, you can visit this site for instructions how to sign up. If you want to report offensive content on a page, use this page.

3 Report offensive or inappropriate photo’s and video’s. Use the instructions on this page to remove objectionable photo’s and video’s to report at page’s of other users.

4 get support from other Google + users. If you have general questions about Google + or any of his specific services, please use the Google + Help community to your question to post. Community members will answer your questions.

5 of 5: General support get Method


Search on the Google Help page to the product for which you need support. The Google Help page contains links to the help page’s for all products and services from Google. The most popular products are at the top. Click the arrow below the list of displayed products. So the list is extensive, so you can search all of Google’s products and services to help find the page you need.

2 Please contact the Office of Google through the contact page or as a member of the press please contact us via the media page. If you prefer direct contact with Google, you can call the headquarters in Mountain View, CA by calling + 1-650-253-0000. You can use this number for general inquiries, applications and more. You will have to go through the automatic menu system if you would like to speak with a person.

if you would like to contact another Google location, you can visit this page to all locations of Google and to see their contact information. You can search the contact page for general troubleshooting tips, job applications, advertising information, and more.


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