Delete messages on Skype

delete messages on Skype

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Skype verwijderenAlle individual messages delete messages is an excellent way to friends and fellow’s all over the world to meet and to talk with them. It is not only easy (and fun!), it’s also a great way to keep track of things, because all calls are saved. But sometimes you might say something wrong and want to take it back, or you want to delete your entire history. See step 1 below to find out how to do this,

on your computer or mobile device.


Steps method 1 of 2: remove individual messages Messages on Skype

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 delete messages on Skype

1 right click on the message you want to delete. You can delete individual messages, but this option is available only briefly after the message has been sent. Keep your on a mobile device, touch and hold the message, and then release. There will be a menu appear.

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 delete messages on Skype
2 Select ” delete message ” . If you have a mobile device, then select ” remove ” . For both you and the receiver the message will be removed, and replaced with the text ” this post has been removed ” . You can only delete messages that you have sent. Messages on Skype

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 delete messages on Skype

repeat for each message you want to delete. Repeat the previous step for each message you want to delete. You can only delete recent posts.



2 of 2: Delete All messages Messages on Skype

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 delete messages on Skype

click on the Tools menu. Select settings in the Tools menu. This method will remove your full messaging history, where all your current conversations be shut down. Messages on Skype

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 delete messages on Skype

click the Privacy tab. Select Privacy in the left menu, after which the ” Privacy settings ” window will open. Messages on Skype

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 delete messages on Skype

click on the button ” delete History ” . You will be asked whether you want to continue. Click on ” delete History ” removes your entire history, including: instant messaging phone calls Voice mail SMS sent and received



calls remove Warnings is no longer possible on Skype. You will need to remove individual messages, or delete your entire history. Delete messages can not be undone, and the messages cannot be retrieved.


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