Block senders in Gmail

Block Senders in Gmail

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2 methods: filter filter from your Mailbox InAfzenders Senders from an email in Gmail

it is currently not possible to block messages from specific addresses or domain names, but you can set filters that automatically forward spam to the Recycle Bin. Follow these simple steps to all

to banish junk e-mail.


Steps part 1 of 2:

Senders filter from your Inbox

 block Senders in Gmail

1 Open Gmail. Determine which sender you no longer wish to receive emails.


2 click the triangle on the right side in the search box at the top of the screen. Now a window will open.

 block Senders in Gmail

Enter the filtering criteria in the appropriate fields. Type the e-mail address of the sender that you want to filter. To make sure the search worked properly, click the blue search button to the left at the bottom of the window. Click the arrow in the search box to return to the search box.

4 click ” create Filter with this search ” at the bottom of the search window. There now opens a new window with possible actions that can be performed on the basis of your filter criteria.

 block Senders in Gmail
5 to check ” remove ” . All messages from this sender will now be placed in the trash immediately. [1]

part 2 of 2:


Senders filter from an email click on the arrow at the top left of an open email. Choose the option ” filter messages like this ” .

2 confirm that the search criteria the correct information. In the box ” from ” State if all is well all the correct sender.

3 click on the button ” create Filter with this search ” at the bottom of the window.

4 In the next window check the box ” remove ” to . Now you will no longer see the messages from that sender in your Inbox

Tips if you get spam in your Inbox you can easily report to Gmail with the button ” report spam ” . That message will then be placed in the spam folder, as well as all future messages from the same sender.



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