Images on instagram places from your PC

images on instagram places from your PC

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3 methods:


would you like to share your images used on PC via instagram, but you can find \ a hassle to to copy them to your cellphone? Although there is no official way to copy images from your computer to the instagram, there are several tricks you can apply. Blue Stacks is an Android emulator with which you can run from your computer, instagram app Gramblr is software that allows you to upload photo’s to your account, and you can share pictures with your mobile phone quickly with Dropbox, without you this

should synchronize.


Steps Method 1 of 3:

Blue Stacks 1 download and install the Blue Stacks App Player. The Blue Stacks App Player is an Android emulator for PC and Mac. It allows you to run Android apps on your desktop or laptop. The Blue Stacks App Player is available for free on the Bluestacks website. Make sure that when you install Blue Stacks, the ” App store access ” option is checked. Blue Stacks can take the time to boot.


2 search of the instagram app. If you Blue Stacks for the first time you come first in the Blue Stacks Home screen. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-left corner to search for apps. Enter ” instagram ” and click on the button to open the Google Play Store.

3 log in to Blue Stacks with your Google account. After selecting the option Google Play Store, you will be prompted to log in to your Google account. You can download directly into Blue Stacks create an account if you don’t already have one, or sign in with your existing account.

4 download the instagram app. Open the instagram app page in the Google Play Store. Click on the ” Free ” button, then the button ” Install ” . Instagram zaall be downloaded and installed in Blue Stacks.
5 account please sign in with your instagram. Open the instagram app on your Home screen Blue Stacks. Log in with your instagram account information. Are you once logged in, then the regular instagram mobile interface appear.
6 Upload any image (Windows). Click the Camera button at the bottom of the instagram window. Click the ” Other Files ” button on the left side of the shutter in the Camera window. Click the ” Pick from Windows ” option at the bottom of the list. Search on your computer to the file you want to upload.
7 upload a image (OS X). Copy the images you want to upload to the Pictures folder in Finder. Download ” ES File Explorer ” in Blue Stacks. You can obtain this in the same way as the instagram app. Open instagram and click the Camera button. Select ” Pick from Gallery ” select ” ES File Explorer ” Open the ” bstfolder ” directory. It gives you access to the Mac user directories. Open the folder Pictures and select the picture you want to upload.

8 Only instagram effects and add a caption. You have chosen an image, then you can crop and edit in the same way as with your phone. You can apply filters and add a caption. Also add hashtags to find the images more easily.
Part 9 the picture. Are you ready to edit the picture, then you can share me your instagram followers. You can also send images to specific users, instead of to share with all followers of your list.


Method 2 of 3: Gramblr

download 1. Gramblr is a free program for Windows and Mac that allows you to upload photo’s to your instagram account. Turn the Gramblr installer to install the program on your PC. If you are a Windows user, then the installer as ZIP delivered, which you will have to extract it.

2 preparing your images. With Gramblr it is not possible to crop and edit images, as with the instagram app. This means that the image itself to any format of 650 X 650 px will need cropping. Gramblr only supports JPG and Jpeg images. Other images you will have to convert.

Gramblr. 3 Start When you first start Gramblr, then you will be asked to login with your instagram account. Gramblr is not supported by instagram, so there is no guarantee that account information cannot be saved. That said, there are many people who regularly use Gramblr.

4 Upload a photo. Click the ” Choose File ” button in the middle of the Gramblr window. It allows you to search for images on your PC that you want to upload. Select the image you’ve cropped and modified to fit according to the Gramblr specifications. Click on the ” Upload ” button after you have selected the image. If you have not yet selected an image the correct size, then it is in the right size forced, whereby the image is distorted.
5 add a caption to it. In the next window you will be given the option to type in a caption to the picture. Click ” Save Caption ” once you are happy with it. The image is now uploaded to your instagram account. Some users have reported problems with their account after posting photo’s with hashtags from Gramblr. Go here to, if you careful with hashtags used in your signature.



3 of 3: DropBox create a DropBox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to quickly share files between mobile devices. You still need a mobile device, but it’s a quick and easy way to multiple photo’s on your PC to send to your PC, without instagram mobile to sync with your computer. A free DropBox account offers 2 GB of storage, which is ample for exchanging files.

2 Add pictures to DropBox from your computer. Are you once signed in, you can add pictures from your computer to your DropBox storage. This can be done vai the website of DropBox, or by DropBox to get the Setup file for Windows or Mac.
3 download the DropBox app. You can download the DropBox app for free through the App Store from your mobile. The app allows you to use your DropBox storage from your mobile. You also have the instagram app that is installed on your mobile.
4 Open the DropBox app on your mobile. You will with your DropBox account to log in.

5 tap the photo you want to share via instagram. Open the photo’s Division of DropBox, or go to the saved picture. Tap the picture and open it.

6 Share the photo via instagram. Tap the button ” Share ” while you have opened the photo. Select from the list of share options instagram. There you will be asked to open the instagram app, after which you can edit and share the picture, as you normally do.


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