Disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus

disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus

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2 methods: installing Adblock PlusHet

are you using Adblock Plus the garish, moving, noisy ads on your screen sat? You’re not the only one. For many internet users are the ads a source of annoyance. Some ads even go so far that they little program’s install on your computer so that your activity can be followed. With Mozilla Firefox and an add-on called Adblock Plus allows you to tackle this problem easy. Here in a few easy steps how you can install and use Adblock.


Steps method 1 of 2: installing Adblock Plus

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 disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus


1 download Adblock Plus. Go to the Adblock Plus download page in Mozilla Firefox and click on add to Firefox the button. You automatically downloads the latest version of Adblock Plus.


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 disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus
2 allow the download. A window pops up stating: ” only install add-ons from authors you trust ” . Click on ” install now ” . Download the add-on takes several seconds.

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 disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus

3 Adblock Plus in Set. There opens a window with the communication which filters are being used. In Netherlands is that automatically ” DutchAdblockList + EasyList ” . If you want to customize, click on ” Filter preferences ” .

method 2 of 2: using Adblock Plus

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 disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus


1 Test the add-on. Go to a website with advertentes. If all is well the ads are now not loaded. Adblock Plus blocks adverts of all (or almost all) advertising agencies, so from now on you are relatively free of advertising. If you still see ads you can manually block ads. Right click on the ad and select Adblock Plus: Block Image … from the menu. From now on you can see the ad no longer.


Tips if you want to see how much content is blocked you go with the mouse over the logo of Adblock Plus. Now you see the total number of blocked ads and the number of blocked ads on that page. Adblock Plus is available for both Mac and PC. Adblock Plus also works on the mobile version of Firefox. Some ads still come through the filter. In addition to blocking these ads, it’s good to make them add to the filter by putting a message out of it. You can also use Adblock Plus to block annoying animated pictures on websites. You can also use Adblock Plus annoying avatars and signatures to block. You can manage the filters in your preferences. Element Hiding Helper is an add-on that is useful in combination with Adblock Plus. Go to the official site for help, updates and news.


Ads Warnings will still appear on other browsers.

 disable ads on Firefox with Adblock Plus configuration menu

some sites don’t work well if you have the ad-blocking. In that case, you can turn off Adblock Plus just by clicking on the arrow next to the button with ABP. older versions of Firefox not supporting Adblock Plus. Download the latest version of Firefox.

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