Make Fireworks in Minecraft

to make Fireworks in Minecraft

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2 methods: a star of Fireworks make Fireworks rocket


would you like to create a light show in Minecraft? Do you want to impress your friends? With the latest update: this is now possible with fire arrows! Here’s what you need to do to a fire arrow to make and how you can add several different effects to them here



Steps method 1 of 2: create

a star of fireworks

 make fireworks in Minecraft

1 take some gunpowder and a color. You can add any other items as you will see later.


 make fireworks in Minecraft

make the items needed to make Fireworks to. This is a necessary part for the firework rocket.

 make fireworks in Minecraft

experiment with making different stars of fireworks. You can change the appearance of the fireworks explosion by different ingredients to mix. some can be used for producing various effects, but the ingredients that affect the form cannot be mixed. Any color can be used to produce any other color. Let your Fireworks look like bugs by adding a heading. Let your Fireworks there to add traditional look by a spring. Make the explosion more powerful by adding a fire load. Let your Fireworks look like shimmering stars by adding a nugget. Let your Fireworks sparkle by adding a glowing stone.


2 of 2: the Fireworks rocket make

 make fireworks in Minecraft

1 collect 1 load powder, 1 paper and your star.

 make fireworks in Minecraft

2 combine the items. You have only 1 x paper, 1 x powder and 1 star to make a rocket. Adding more powder does work to ensure that your rocket goes higher.

 make fireworks in Minecraft

3 use your rocket! Make it a complete fireworks show of for your friends or because there is something to celebrate, such as completing a House.


Tips if you have two star used to create a Fireworks rocket, you will see both if you used the rocket! You can assign a name to the Fireworks with an anvil. You can also make a rocket without star. you see or the trail of the rocket, but no colorful explosion.


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