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3 parts: your own world make configuring the server and inviting someone else’s

in the spelersMeedoen Realm Minecraft is a well known game with which you can move blocks and break it down, and it’s an incredibly popular game you can play with multiple players. Play with friends was always difficult and meant that you had to install and configure ports had to separate servers. The introduction of Minecraft Realms has simplified this process and you can now own private server for yourself and your friends have running in a few minutes. «Read on at step 1 below to learn how to do this.


Steps part 1 of 3: make your own


1 Update your Minecraft game. Realms do not work in older versions of Minecraft, and snapshot releases this possibility does not support, so make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft in order to be able to make your own server, or to make use of anyone else’s. The button only appears in the latest, officially released version (at the time of writing is that 1.7.10). You have a legally acquired version of Minecraft in order to have a Minecraft Realms server. The-install all mods and texture-packs, because this can ensure that Realms is not working properly. Minecraft Realms is currently only available on the PC, but there is also a version in the near future for the Pocket Edition.


2 Click on Minecraft Realms. Once you have clicked on Minecraft Realms you get the network window, similar to Multiplayer. You see the More Info button, which ends up after clicking a browser shows that lets you on the Minecraft website. The Configure button is for adjusting the settings in your game. Eventually you come to the Play button.

3 log in to Mojang. Create your own Realm, you will first need to sign up. Depending on your type of subscription you get more or less time for renting a server. An existing subscription can be refreshed vian an in-game link you can find in the Minecraft Realm page, by clicking More Info. This takes you to the Mojang account page, where you can choose to extend your account. Anyone who wants to buy a certain Realm, his/her account will have to migrate to the overarching Mojang account. Subscriptions are available in blocks of 1, 3 and 6 months. The price per month starts at $ 13, but this applies to subscriptions with a longer duration.

4 create a Realm. After registration you’ll be given the option to create a Realm. Click Create Realm Realm, you give a name and description, set the level of difficulty in and you’re ready to take on the server to play. Once you see the list of Realms, then you can go ahead and double-click to play. Compared with Hamachi or Port Forwarding continue Realms 24/7 online, or whether or not the host on the server plays. Realms are only accessible to people who have your permission. You can invite up to 20 people in your Realm, and there may be 10 play at the same time.

part 2 of 3: Configuring the server and

1 inviting players click Configure Realm. Do you want to change settings, make backups, reset the Realm, or invite players into your world, go to Configure Realm.

2, click Edit Settings. Here you can change the name, description, and the level of difficulty of your Realm, in addition to changing the game mode. Are you ready, click on Done and your changes will be saved.

3 Click Invite or Uninvite. This will create a ” white list ” of players for your Realm, whereby they have access to. To invite a friend, click on Invite and type in the user name. You can select the name of a player and on click Uninvite this of the white list to pick up, allowing access to your Realm is blocked for this player.

4 access to your backups. The Backups button lists all backups of your Realm. The Minecraft Realm service shall regularly back-up your game, allowing you to restore a previous state of your world, if any, should something go wrong at all. You can replace the Realm by a previous backup, or the last backup download directly to your computer.
5 resetting your Realm. If you want to restart your Realm and want to delete everything what has been created, click on Reset Realm. This button will restore the initial values to the world, so you can start over again. You can revert to a previous world that in backing Viewer menu state; in any case, the change is permanent. In this Setup, you have the option of specifying a particular seed, or to choose from a list of existing cards with which you want to play.

6 the management of your subscription. Click on Subscription. This button gives an overview of the time you still can use your Realm, in addition to a link to renew your subscription.

7 off connect the Realm. Click Close Realm. Make the Realm inaccessible to anyone except yourself. If this is permanent has yet to become clear, so this button you’d better leave it alone.

part 3 of 3: join in the Realm of


someone else Update your Minecraft. As mentioned before, do you have the latest official version of Minecraft necessary, otherwise there is no button to choose the Minecraft Realm. Also remove any resource packs.

2 click Minecraft Realms. After updating your game, click on Minecraft Realms. Be sure that you’ve been invited to the Realm where you want to join. If this is so, then you will see an invitation icon in the upper part of your screen, next to the name of the Minecraft Realme. Click on the invitation, select the name of the server and press Accept. The Realm will appear after clicking Accept on your list, and you can start playing. By Reject to choose you will name of the white list will be deleted. You have from now on no longer have access to the owner of the Realm invites you again.

3 click Play or Leave. With the name of the Realm in your list, select it and double click on it or choose your on Play to get involved. Select the name of the Realm and the Realm of the press Leave Realm to list. You have from now on no longer have access to the owner of the Realm invites you again.


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