Play Minesweeper

edited by Maluniu Minesweeper play Minesweeper is a game that is installed by default on most computers with Windows. Most people just click just put in it around hoping not to encounter on a mine, but here you can read how to

strategic plays.



 play minesweeper

1 Open Minesweeper. On most Windows-based computers, you can do this via Start-> All program ‘s-> games-> Minesweeper. You can also play online Minesweeper. Search for ” free Minesweeper. ”


2 select a difficulty level. Click on Game in the upper left corner, and select Beginner, intermediate, advanced, or customize. If you only begins with Minesweeper, start with Beginner.

 play minesweeper

with the custom difficulty level you can adjust the number of square in the field, just like the number of mines. You can try this later. The number in the upper-left corner indicates the number of mines on the field. The number in the upper right corner refers to the number of flags that you have planted.

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3 click a box. Most players click on random boxes until a group of squares ” open ” goes. If there are 4 or 5 boxes are opened after you click, it’s time to evaluate the numbers. If only one box is opened after you click, try another random square.

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4 understand what the numbers mean. If you want a 1 on the field, it means that that box to exactly 1 my borders. Boxes that diagonally to numbers borders can also be potential mines.

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Eliminate boxes that mines can contain impossible by clicking. Suppose you’ve found a 1, and you almost certainly know where the mine for which 1 is. You can open all other boxes around those 1 by clicking, because the 1 but to a single mine can borders.

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Highlight mines right click. If you almost certainly know you’ve found a mine, highlight it, right-click the box to stay. There will then be put a flag on the mine, and you can no longer click on it.

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