Herobrine calls in Minecraft


edited by calls in Minecraft Maluniu Herobrine is one of the monsters in the Minecraft universe. He does not exist and never will exist in a version of Minecraft, if it is up to the developers is, without mod. Fortunately, there are several mod’s to find the ones you offer the possibility of this terrifying creature to add to your game.



1 Open a web browser and go to minecraftforge.

Ad just

2 Click on ” Files ” at the top of the page.

3 select your version of Minecraft and click the installation link for the featured version (32 or 64 bit) .

4 save the file.


Open and run the file after downloading.

6 choose a Herobrine mod to add. Make sure it works with your version of Minecraft Minecraft Forge and.


follow the instructions specifically for this mod. For Forge this is probably something like dragging the mod folder within the folder of the Forge ” mod’s ” .


load your game and see if you can find the Herobrine.



If you think you’ve encountered in Minecraft without Herobrine you have installed a mod, then this or an error in the game, or love someone fool you.


modclient EVERY mod or Warnings could cause crashes or damage your saved files that Minecraft. Be aware of this before you install a mod.

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