a minecraft server join

a minecraft server join

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Minecraft is a computer game. You can do it alone (single player) or with other people (multiplayer) games. If you want to play with other people you must first join a server. Do the following steps and you will come to know how to make a minecraft server

can join.


Steps 1 finds a server IP and copy this. This can get you from your friends or get from various sites.




Start Minecraft

click Multiplayer 4 click ” Add Server ”

5 Change in ” Server Name ” the name if you like

6 paste the server IP

Server at ” Address ” 7

Click on ” Done ”

8 in the list, click the server that you have just added

9 click ” Join Server ”


Tips if you’re in the server it is useful to first read the rules. So do you stop what should not you do something the server owners.


an internet connection

Minecraft Amenities

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