Connect two computers with an ethernet cable

connect two computers with an ethernet cable

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2 methods: Windows 7 and Windows VistaMacintosh

(Mac) OS X if you are not connected to a network, but you still want to send files or connect to another pc, then use a crossover ethernet cable. After making this link should you change the network settings or one of the computers, to the connection to work. After that, you have the ability to share files and games to play on this ” network ” . Read on to learn more about how to connect two computers together, by means of an ethernet cable in Windows 7, Windows Vista, or on the Mac

(English version or OS).


Steps method 1 or 2:

Windows 7 and Windows Vista 1 make sure you have a crossover ethernet cable. A crossover ethernet cable is needed to connect two computers without a network; This is not possible using a standard ethernet cable without a computer and a router. Research the color pattern to the end of the ethernet cable to determine if the colors are equal. The colors come in a crossover ethernet cable at both ends not match while that at a regular ethernet cable does. When in doubt, you can use the website or ” Tekron International ” (see the citation at the bottom of this article) to make sure you have a crossover ethernet cable.


2 connect the computers together through the ethernet cable to the ethernet network port on any pc.

3 Start on one of the computers, and go to the ” Start ” menu, in the lower-left corner of the screen or Windows


4 Select ” Control Panel, ” ” network ” and type in the search field of the

Control Panel.

5 Select ” Network and Sharing Center ” from the options in the


6 select the icon with the ” Unidentified network ” label, from the network folder at the top of the window or ” Network and Sharing Center ” . This icon can also have ” Multiple networks ” as a label, if you are connected to more than one



click the find the settings for the message of the network and file sharing to change, and then click the option ” Turn on network discovery and file sharing.

8 Type the administrator password for this computer as prompted, and then press ” Enter ” on your keyboard. Both computers are now visible in the window ” Network and Sharing Center ” , and it is now possible to share files


method 2 or 2: Macintosh (Mac) OS X

1 Plug each end of a standard ethernet cable into the ethernet ports on both computers. Has either Macs no ethernet port, then it is also possible to use a USB to Ethernet adapter


2 go to one of the computers, and then open the ” Apple ” menu.

3 select ” System Preferences ” from the available options and select ” Sharing. ”

4 Note the name of the computer on the ” Sharing ” menu.

5 go to the other computer and navigate to ” Finder. ” The ” Finder ” is a square icon that you see in the dock or your Mac, and resembles two faces.

6 select ” Go, ” then click on ” Connect to Server ”

in Finder.


click the button labeled ” Browse, ” then double click on the name of the other Mac that you find in the

window supposed to.

8 Give the administrator password of the other computer, if prompted. A connection is then established between both computers, and you have the option to send and share files.

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