Change your IP address (Windows)

change your IP address (Windows)

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2 methods: your public IP address change veranderenJe

local IP address should not be more on a forum because in no uncertain terms you have given your opinion? Or maybe you were experimenting with what \ \ ‘ \ \ ‘ game hacks and you are not allowed to play anymore. On the basis of an access ban IP address can be pretty annoying, especially if they obstruct our daily internet activities. Follow the steps in this article to change your IP address so you can do everything on the internet again. You can also use the IP address of your PC on your network change, that can be useful if you want to troubleshoot network problems. Read by!

Ad Steps method 1 or 2: change your public IP address

1 put your modem. Most internet service providers you get assigned a dynamic IP address that changes every now and then. Through your modem a while off you’ll probably get a new address assigned when you reconnect.

Ad 2 wait for five minutes. Some providers disclaim all after five minutes a new IP address. Connect your modem back on and check your IP address. If it is not changed, it is a good idea to turn off the modem a whole night (or at least 8 hours).

3 Connect with another device. Sometimes IP addresses are allocated on the basis of the first device to connect with the modem. The first device is usually your router. To get a new address assigned to your computer, you can try to connect directly with your modem: turn everything off. To clear the settings on your modem you must first off all devices in your home network, and loosening the connection between your modem and your router. There should be no lights on your modem. Also puts your computer. Your computer will now be connected directly to the internet for a short period of time, without the intervention of the secure your router. So make sure your antivirus software is up to date before you turn off your computer and the process begins. Connect the modem to your computer with an ethernet cable. Connect the internet port of your modem directly with the ethernet ports of your computer. First switch the modem on. Wait until startup is complete. That may take a minute. Turn on the computer. Let the computer boot up completely and then make connection to the internet. Turn the computer off if you are connected to. Connect the router again. If the computer is off, you can connect the internet port of the modem to the WAN port of the router. If all is well, the network settings are unchanged but have you now have a new IP address.

[1] 4 please contact your provider. Some providers offer a static IP address (eg. Xs4all). To be able to change that you need to contact the helpdesk. [2]
5 hide your IP address by using a proxy. You can also a proxy or use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to take it to the outside world to do seem like you have a different IP address, an IP address is from another country. For a reliable proxy or VPN you must often (paid) to subscribe to.

method 2 or 2: Change Your local IP address

1 Refresh your IP address from the command prompt. To open a command prompt window, type ” cmd ” in the text field of the start menu. In Windows 8 simply type ” cmd ” on the home screen. In the command prompt window, type: ” ipconfig/release ” behind the information which has now appeared type: ” ipconfig/renew ” now you see if the good is your new IP address and your other setup information.

2 change your IP address in the router. Routers to each device on the network has its own IP address. You can change the IP address of each device by to open the configuration page of the router. Open the section where you can change the local settings. Often this is indicated by means of ” LAN ” (Local Area Network), but the name varies by brand router. Look for the part where IP addresses are assigned to the different devices from the network. Here you can create a specific device’s IP address permanently. Select the desired device from the list of connected devices. If you don’t see your device you can manually the MAC address of the device and enter the name. Choose an IP address. Normally you let the first three sections or the address unchanged (usually that 192.168.1). The last part is the number that you need to change. On most routers you can choose a number between 0 and 100, but sometimes it goes equally to 254. Make sure you choose a number that currently not within the network is used by another device. That caused a conflict, one of the two devices will lose the connection.

 change Your IP address (Windows)

3 change the IP-address from Windows network connections. Open network connections by clicking Start and then with your right mouse button on Network.Select Properties from the menu that appears . Select manage network connections in the left column. Users of Windows 8 may start by typing ” network and sharing Center ” on the home screen. Then select ” network and sharing Center ” in the list. Users of Windows XP can in the start menu right click on Properties, and then click

network environment.

 change Your IP address (Windows)


right-click the connection that you want to change. Click Properties. When prompted, type your password or confirm your choice.

 change Your IP address (Windows)

5 tab, click the Network. Under This connection uses the following items, on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or on Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) , and then click Properties. If you want to specify settings for an IPv4 IP address you click on use the following IP address, and then type in the IP address subnet mask , and boxes the settings for the default gateway IP address.

 change Your IP address (Windows)

if you want to specify settings for an IPv6 IP address click use the following IPv6 address, and then type in the IPv6 address, subnet prefix length, boxes and default gateway the IP address settings.

 change Your IP address (Windows)

an IP address looks something like this: something like, a subnet mask: The is usually the address of the default gateway router. For example, the numbers of your system are as follows:

 change Your IP address (Windows)

IP address: subnet mask to your network (at multiple computers): DNS:

 change Your IP address (Windows)

6 click OK.


Warnings these steps only work if both your computer and the network

uses the DHCP protocol.

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