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software-based proxies Proxies use a lot of people nowadays attach great importance to surf anonymously on the internet. Proxies offer the user a secure way of online content provided by a particular provider or even government blocked. Follow these steps to

to go surfing anonymously.


Steps Method 1 or 3

1: understanding Proxies don’t understand the basic concept of a proxy. A proxy is a server that will allow you to operate your own your ” outside ” network. You connects you to a proxy and route your traffic through that proxy. As a result, your IP address is masked, and it seems like your internet traffic from the proxy originates.


2 know the different types of proxies. There is a number of different types of proxies that you will encounter during your exploration. Each of them offers a certain degree of anonymity, and some are more secure than the other. These are the four most common types of proxies: Web-based proxies: the most common, and most simple proxy. These are servers that your visit from your browser to view websites anonymously. Open proxies: these are proxy servers that either have been left open accidentally, or hacked. These are usually not as secure and may contain malicious software. The use of open proxies is strongly discouraged. Anonymity networks: these are private networks maintained by users who donate bandwidth. They are often extremely slow and, because of the fact that everyone can donate bandwidth, fairly unsafe. VPN (Virtual Private Network): these are private networks that you can connect directly with a proxy server. This VPN be maintained by proxy companies and other organizations.

method 2 or 3: use Web-based proxies a Proxy Step 3.360 p. mp4

 use a proxy
1 Search a list of proxies. A web proxy is useful when you’re not on your own computer. All the necessary steps do you do that from the Web browser. It makes therefore no part of what operating system you are using. There are several Web sites that show available proxies. is a great place to start. This site features a list of proxies that is constantly updated. The chance is good that sites with proxy lists are blocked by your school or work network. Visit these sites therefore at home and make a list of 10-15 proxies to try them on the blocked computer. Proxies that can be used very often be noted and frozen. So try not to use the same proxy every day. The use of a proxy significantly slows your surfing habits. This is because the internet is diverted traffic through the proxy, again interpreted, and then sent to your location. Be aware of the fact that videos and websites may need longer to load. a Proxy Step 4.360 p. mp4

 use a proxy

2 choose a proxy site. If the site is blocked, try another. If you are looking for from a list of proxies sites, try sites that are geographically closer to your own location. This helps to minimize the loss of internet speed. a

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 use a proxy

3 select the URL-box. Enter the Web address of the site to visit. Chances are that some sites not good on your image appear. This is because proxy sites to reinterpret the dates of the visit website. The most common problem is that a video doesn’t won’t load. If this is the case, try another proxy.

Method 3 or 3: VPN software a Proxy Step 6.360 p. mp4

 use a proxy
1 download and install VPN software. You’ll have to be the computer administrator if you want to do this. Most VPN software requires a subscription. In return you get access to thousands of anonymous IP addresses that you can use to your heart’s content. VPNs offer a much higher level of encryption than web-based proxies. VPNs work with all types of internet traffic. This is in contrast to web-based proxies, which only redirect traffic from your browser. Downloading files via other software is so, via VPN, also anonymous. a Proxy Step 7.360 p. mp4

 use a proxy

2 VPN manually. If you prefer no VPN software download and manually set the VPN rather than can. then Open the Control Panel, and network connections. Click make new connection. Choose to connect to the network at my workplace. Click VPN connection. Enter the IP address with which you want to connect to. If your VPN requires a user name and password, then you will here now to be asked.


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