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instagram is very fun to your everyday photo’s on to share, but maybe there are people at where you want to share with the photo’s. The problem is that they are following you! In this article you can read how you can delete them.

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 remove Followers on instagram

1 Start instagram. It is the app with the icon or an old camera.


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 remove Followers on instagram
2Open the

profieltab. Tap the bottom right button with profile. At the top of your profile is a button with ” followers ” . Tap the button and you’ll see a list with all your followers.

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 remove Followers on instagram

3 tap the user name. If you have found the user you want to delete, tap to open the name to their profile.

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 remove Followers on instagram
4 tap the button with the arrow. You can find the button in the upper-right corner of the profile screen. A menu appears at the bottom of the screen.

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 remove Followers on instagram
5 tap ” block user ” . This button is the first button, tap so that the user is removed from your list and your posts can no longer follow.

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 remove Followers on instagram

6 confirm the deletion. Instagram now asks you to confirm. Click on the button ” Yes, I knows for sure ” . The follower is now blocked. It may be that the icon of the follower still temporarily in your list, but the next time you load the page it’s gone.



Tips The likes and comments of the blocked user can still be seen at your images, if you want you can delete them manually.

Warnings Blocked users can still see your likes and comments that you know at photo’s place or users who follow both of you. To prevent a user from your @noemt you will need to change your username.


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