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 About wikiHow

imagine a world where everyone can easily learn how to whatever should do. A world where easy access to step-by-step instructions in many languages billions of people the chance to improve their lives, on both ordinary and extraordinary ways. That’s the world we want to create


At wikiHow does a community of knowledge philanthropists [1] together to this world. We are driven by a shared passion to create high-quality to a set of instructions. We continue to improve every article until we think it’s the most useful step-by-step instruction is that you can find anywhere on that subject.

Although we are aware that achieving this ambitious goal will take years, we find it a nice thought that we are already

every day, millions of people


what we do wikiHow is a collaborative effort to create the world’s most useful instructions. Just like Wikipedia is wikiHow a wiki, which means that anyone can write or edit an article on the site. Thousands of people from all over the world have with each other for more than 180,000 wikiHow articles written. On the English site is the counter now on 2.478 articles. More than 35 million people per month read wikiHow according to Google Analytics, Quantcast indicates that we are number 150 on the list of the most popular websites.

We are currently working on building versions of wikiHow in the Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. We hope in the end in the near future wikiHow available in many more languages.


who we are a lively or writers and editors from dozens of countries are at the heart of wikiHow. Anyone who contributes to wikiHow does this because it is so much fun. Other known reasons why people like to contribute are the desire to help others, the satisfaction of working together to build something that you never could reach only the feeling it gives when your work is being read by a huge audience and the will to develop skills where you have something in the real world, like good writing and leadership.

The wikiHow-founder Jack Herrick and a small group of full-time paid staff help wikiHow to continue developing. Our headquarters is a House (really!)

in Palo Alto, California.

 About wikiHow

works Because everyone How wikiHow wikiHow is edited by the content changes daily. Each operation can be viewed on our list of recent changes, which is constantly being monitored. Recent changes restore voluntary inspectors less good edits on a quick way. Several features that help monitor the quality ensure that each article keeps getting better, as more and more people contribute their own unique knowledge and skills.

We share our free instructions via a Creative Commons license which allows that the wikiHow articles by any organization or person to republish are for non-commercial use. We also share

all our free open-source software.

We see ourselves as a hybrid organization, a for-profit company that focuses on providing a public function, in accordance with our mission. We hold ourselves to show ads in financial position by optional. But we do not believe that ads should be pushed you down the throats. We appreciate anyone to choose whether you want to see ads on the site or not. You can simply create an account and become a member of our community, then you will have no ads more

on wikiHow.

would you like to learn more? Take the wikiHow tour.

wikiHow’s Mission The more about wikiHow wikiHow Tour how we support us financially open source software wikiHow’s (English)


the history of wikiHow

contact us leave a comment for our admins or email us in English. Or post a message on our

English-language forum.

Definitions ↑ a knowledge sharing knowledge freely organises ball is someone who creates or improves, with the aim to help others
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