I.o.s.-4 CD

Meanwhile, the band their fourth album with the title-4-released, they are switched to a new record company, have their name changed from \ ‘ \ ‘ Is ook Schitterend in IOS and sounds their sound thanks to the collaboration of producer Gordon Groothedde (oa. Intwine and normal) a lot firmer.How it feels is the first single from the album. This is nice firmly but very melodieuse song with a catchy chorus you hear and see pass by regularly on the radio, TMF and MTV. The other eleven songs on the album are very worthwhile. Of the musical and textual in perfect harmony being always someone and the é of genuine love song more of you, to the sturdy rocking-where the volume knob on your stereo best what further open mag-and very convincing heart and soul and the-oh so delicious to scream-a new day again tomorrow. But also the melancholic and swinging Slowmotion makes it refreshing sounding album-4 of IOS as for me a very welcome Dutch surprise. IOS is a band who are high sure can compete with English bands such as the dyke, Van Dik Hout and Bløf. But, with their very own pop/rock sound and (self written) mostly easily accessible, po ë tische texts a private course.I.O.S-4 CNR Music

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