Lene Marlin Lost in a Moment

just like on her previous albums wrote all 11 songs Lene Marlin again this time itself. And I think they used a basic rhyme dictionary, because further as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, Bath Years-Tears-Sad \ ‘, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, Okay-Day Where There’s ‘ and ‘ Be-Me ‘, she arrives in the in my opinion not depressive lyrics. The listening songs from a musical point of view nicely accompanied by matching often lingering melody ë n go piece by piece on: pain, fear, farewell, Gabriel, and sadness that not they themselves experienced. After several times 11 tracks long to the dear varicose occasionally monotone in my opinion pure t é drawling voice of Lene Marlin to have listened, I have to say that even though there are a few more ‘ Lost in time something swingendere songs on \ \ ” I her latest single \ ‘ How would it be \ ‘ in terms of rhythm not representative of the rest of the album find. Lene Marlin has already sold quite a few plates and is as far as I am concerned since \ ‘ Sitting down here \ ‘ is of a young girl turned into a young woman. But in é n é with a simple, whole old spirit. Lene Marlin Lost in a moment EMI

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