Tracy Chapman-Where you live

Happy Tracy Chapman in the music follows no trend or fashion, but she makes music of genuine sincere é. \ ‘ Where You Live \ ‘-a folk/rock/pop album, was recorded and produced by Tchad Blake (Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, among others) and Tracy Chapman itself, in a small ge ï allow nothing studio. The entire album was recorded on portable simple recording equipment. As a result, the music really sounds like Tracy Chapman makes music in the living room to your home. With its unique, warm voice and the beautiful sung by appropriate emotion mostly complex texts, combined with with the simple melodi ë n played-without reverb or effect-by top musicians such as: Joe Gore (PJ Harvey, Eels), Flea (RHCP) and Tracy Chapman itself, making \ ‘ Where you live \ ‘ a sincere and Intimate sounding album. The eleven beautiful Soul Ballads, Acoustic Rock and rhythmic Folk songs with topics like: change, Western imperialism, love, the In-humanitarian world, sadness, searching for identity and romance, all give you food for thought. \ ‘ Where You Live \ ‘ is definitely not a depressing album, but rather a nice one plate to relax by enjoying a relaxing morning, as \ at coffee with a croissant and a newspaper. Or to put on your bare feet on to dance, by a roaring fire. But also during a good conversation, with a nice glass of wine to relax to let your mind wander, or just hanging on the couch … \ ‘ \ ‘ Where You Live by Tracy Chapman is a beautiful album that is definitely worth, listen more frequently. Tracy Chapman-\ ‘ Where you Live \ ‘ Warner

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