Marrying for Dummies

the book \ ‘ weddings for Dummies \ ‘ consists of 245 pages divides into 19 chapters which, in turn, divided into clear paragraphs. Practically all things against academic excellence to arrange your wedding are discussed, such as the Legal Affairs around the wedding, the difference in ceremonies, how to make a budget and financial surprises can occur. For example, it is full of tips for finding the right clothes, a location, the invitations, the transport, choosing the flowers, a menu, d é n how you é right cake this including the honeymoon all can keep within budget. Everything you can think of is your own dream wedding and proposes to Marry for Dummies in \ ‘ \ ‘ described. But also issues where you might not have thought about quite yet, as the traditions and etiquette be described absolutely understandable and like all topics in the book embellished with easy to apply clear frame. Also obvious practical details like the bows of a tie or how to make a veil or train carries, the writers at least not forgotten and these matters are mostly clear & and funny images. \ ‘ Weddings for Dummies \ ‘ is a clear, honest and clear written book. An absolute must have for anyone who, like myself, has wedding plans. Especially if you like the so-called \ ‘ day of your life \ ‘ just want to make your own unforgettable wedding day, this book is the ideal \ ‘ \ ‘ and a perfect wedding planner Guide!Image removed by editorial publishing house Pearson isbn 9043010898

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