Dvd: Before Sunset

” What if you had a second chance with the the one that got away ” That is the real question in the fim \ ‘ Before Sunset \ ‘ is all about. The American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and é line (Julie Delphy), Francaise C meet in 1995 during a train journey from Budapest to Vienna. The spark skips, but the next morning they must take leave of each other again. Though they make the appointment to see each other again six months later in Vienna … Meanwhile, the nine years later, and that few nice hours and that one night they spent together in Vienna has Jessie processed in a book. If he during the last stop of his promotional tour for this book in Paris is, meet Jesse and C é line each other unexpectedly during a book signing at a bookstore for the second time. Because Jesse to catch his plane, they have but a short time to catch up. \ ‘ \ ‘ Is included in Real time Before Sunset, so you are as it were quiet witness of the conversation that Jesse and C é line-in that short time together-enter it during a walk through the park, in a caf and é during a trip on the Seine on a canal boat. From their body language and the call itself demonstrates that they know in that nice time together in Vienna not yet forgotten. Because the film is playing in real time, I find it an impressive, dear dweeperige, certainly no romantic, but especially é of genuine movie though. Thanks to the impressive acting performance by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy it felt to me as if I sometimes something close to the intimate conversation of Jesse and C é line came. But this makes clear is that the way it was filmed, and the way the dialogues-written by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are self-gevoert, does that make the story really comes across in the film life and you feel concerned at their situation at that time. And you thereby to the end of \ ‘ \ ‘ Before Sunset really wondering how it well continue with Jesse and C é line goes … The DVD contains among other things as a nice extra images of how it went on the set. It lets you see how real-time \ ‘ \ ‘ works. Ethan Hawke, Julie Delphy and Richard Linkletter explain how the film came about and tell what they themselves so special about \ ‘ \ ‘ find Before Sunset. Warner Bros. Entertainment running time: ca. 77 minutes. Age: All

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