' ' Diana, in trust

almost everyone do remember where she or he was on July 31, 1997, the day that Princess Diana was killed. There are many theory ë n on the how and why of her death. There was also speculation about the many lovers that Diana had her marriage to Prince Charles, and the reason why Diana regularly injured himself, suffered from bulimia, had a sleeping pills and addiction. \ ‘ Diana, in trust provides answers to the many unanswered questions about Diana, the Princess of Wales’s Simone Simmons tells in this book-in their own words-upfront about how Princess Diana lovers, é cht was about Diana and her fascination with spirituality, Diana’s love for Charles and her children, the reasons that they injured themselves and Royal family issues. Or the story that Safi tells the truth and sincere, that is of course always the question. Except that the writer like about her friendship with Diana tells, she has it too but too happy about themselves. She talks candidly about how well it especially for Diana was, how often she has warned her and how they protected Diana. Every now and then I caught myself on it that I began to find it annoying to the book-consisting of 18 chapters and 12 page’s with photo’s, spread over 295 pages-continue reading. Especially as Simone Simmons on an almost derogatory way about the-in her eyes-after ï eve, labile and money wasteful moods of its harts girlfriend Diana writes I started getting more to doubt the integrity of Simone Simmons. If revenue from this book well to a foundation or organization related to aids or land mines had gone oid-where did charity work for Princess Diana with a lot of love-Simone Simmons, instead of in its own bag, then I had her story about Diana Princess of hearts \ ‘ \ ‘ might be believed…Image removed by editors Simone Simmons \ ‘ \ ‘ in confidence Diana, ISBN 90-225-charged 4361-7 publishing house the Library

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