Black and White 050505 Simpe Minds In Concert

Yes, 17 september

the Concert was finally come. The exclusive concert of the Simple Minds in Paradiso. The official CD presentation of their latest addition, Black & White 050505. And we should be there! Editors Angel and Inge went on the road to Paradiso in Amsterdam. Inge has never been in Paradiso (Yes a culture-barbarian) and Angel ever long ago. But that we liked, finally had the TomTom … Umm, what was the address well right? Address password … Well ladies than even helps the TomTom you from shore in the Canal… After good help from the home front, only D-tours and quite a walk we came somewhat late to in Paradiso. This also had its advantages, there were no more rows. Not for the door, not at the toilet and not for the bar.

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Received felt the atmosphere directly well and apparently felt Amsterdam also good for the Simple Minds. They began with the second issue of their new CD ‘ Home ‘. After the second song ‘ Stay Visible ‘ was our é é n thing clear: new yet familiar … the familiar sound of the Simple Minds. And the problem was that they wanted to be heard, because soon they went about on the so-called ‘ oldies ‘ and then the room went totally flat. It takes a bit of getting used to that the men have become older. Jim Kerr does more think of your dad and the cute Charlie Burchill is still cute despite what wrinkle presentation. Is all still not out, the men rock!

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Unfortunately, ” time flies when you’re having fun ” soon it was tight one and a half hours later and was the action, after an encore of five numbers, over again. Yet it was the party not yet all over. For press and attendees there was still the possibility to have a drink on the VIP party. Perhaps even here to catch a glimpse of the band members themselves. Of that drink we enjoyed, band members we have unfortunately no longer allowed to ‘ spotting ‘. Around the clock by twelve reason we weather Amsterdam, this time without problems. If you now think: ” Gosh that I had too to it ” . That can!! The concert is on line and is viewable via the following link: In addition they come on 17 February 2006 back to Netherlands for a concert in the HMH in Amsterdam. There are still tickets available!The latest album from the Simple Minds Album: Black and White 050505 is included in Italy and Netherlands and mixed in Los Angeles by Bob Clearmountain. That Simple Minds has a bond with Netherlands is shown by the fact that the album cover was designed by the originating from Delft ontwerpburo Fabrique. The band members had, after their break from 3 years, in order to reach new audiences with this CD. They wanted through experimenting with old songs a new sound develop.

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In our opinion, the latter is not really successful. After the various synthesizer intro’s that initially suggest, a new sound is indeed the typical ‘ epic rock-sound ‘ back on the foreground. Absolutely no problem, if you’re like us of the recognizable sound of the Simple Minds keeps. However, this is totally not corny or dated. However, reach new audiences if they go with this gallery full of contemporary lyrics is but the question. The album contains a number of great good songs, such as \ ‘ \ ‘ Stranger and Kiss the ground ” , but on a sing-along as \ ‘ don’t you forget about me \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Alive & Kicking or you do not have to rely on this album. One thing is for sure, the Simple Minds are back and how! This CD stands for everything they have done and achieved so far. Home \ ‘ \ ‘ is their new single since 5 september and their new CD is in stores since september 12. Need more information about the Simple Minds or do you want to hear something from the new CD already? Go to download

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