Craig David-The Story Goes …

suddenly there was A number of years ago

Craig David, that our feet set in motion on Artfull Dodgers single ‘ Re-re-rewind ‘. And then he was no longer off the charts to stay with solo hits like ” Fill me in ” and of course the Smasher ” Walking away ” . After his first album ” Born to do it ” – that in home country England straight to the first position in the album list – shot and the next plate ” Slicker than your average ” it was a few years quiet around the singer. Craig has in peace together with Mark Hill, his old buddy of Artfull Dodger, his new album ” The Story goes … ” included. Since a while the album is finally for sale. The record opens with the first single ” All the way ” . And despite the strong start of the plate, weakens the whole not been off quickly. Really nice listen songs are not and soon the numbers to background music degraded. In that capacity, the music just fine, but that may not have been his intention. At time and the late I start to piss me off to Craigs sultry bedroom voice. At ” Take ‘ em off ” zap I soon by, because the text works on my smile muscles. The pillow-talk works with me not, but at a lot of other girls and women fix though. Craig has been trying to convince us thirteen songs of his ability, but unfortunately for him, this is the least of his three albums. Bit of a disappointment.Image removed by editors

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