Lotte, the story of a meningitis

because then things go wrong: Lotte gets sick. Where at first thought is to a double ear infection and hence a fever convulsion, it turns out to be a meningitis. Lotte is hospitalized in critical condition. It says its a long agony to wait because the meningitis is not caused by a virus, but by a bacterium. After some painful surveys show that the pneumococcus, a bacterium that not only is life-threatening, but also to serious, neurological sequelae can provide. The story of Lotte makes of maternal instinct never cheat, but also that it is still not being taken seriously. Enough to make one squirm is the fact that not only the duty emergency doctor, but also the GP inadequate responds to the report of the violently troubled mother. Once in the hospital come, realize Lotte’s parents that their daughter’s life hangs by a thread, but unfortunately also there the treatment of Lotte not entirely flawless. The story is short, but powerful written. An accurate report would perhaps be a better description, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. During the course of the disease and the treatment of Lotte describes mother Joyce her feelings of anxiety, sadness, powerlessness and frustration, but also the very important and supportive role of husband and father Jos takes on. Guidance in the story, however, is the small Lotte who bravely for her life fighting. Her parents remain day and night at her side, but can do nothing but watch powerless. Torn between hope and fear, governed only é é n get their thoughts: Lotte will it survive? For more information: Author: Joyce van den Bogaard. ISBN 90 8548 0919

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