Pilates, body in motion

Joseph h. Pilates (1880-1967) is the inventor of Pilates and defines it as a movement system which with feather powered machines and a series of mat exercises are used to the power, flexibility, endurance and concentration increase. Pilates is not so much in this book described as sport, but as an art form, science and even as a way of life. The workouts are based on 6 principles, breathing, centering, concentration, controlling with, precision and flow. In the introductory part of this book is the writer expanded on topics like attitude, pitfalls, injuries and explanation of terms used during the exercises. Once to the exercises you start with a preparatory exercise, followed by a self evaluation. Once aware of your weaknesses you can start with the introductory program, which you can eventually build up to a program for far advanced. Self discipline, a minimum of 10 minutes a day to start with and a mat to protect your back is the only thing that you need. How to handle the writer to first invest in a few lessons at the gym. Pilates is not an easy thing to do well and clues and tips from an experienced instructor make a good base more easily realizable. And then you gonna start. It is in the beginning certainly spicier than I expected and that 10 minutes you have also really need to control the base to go. Concentration is a must during those exercises, your muscle tension is good, the State of your neck, arms, shoulders and legs in order? The movement is smooth enough?? The good thing of this is that you really don’t have time to think and thereby to your daily worries equally relaxing, how snappy the exercise itself sometimes is. I can imagine that you miss if you give it a rest day this piece does not do. Pilates, sports or way of life? That’s the question I ask myself. The answer to this question is something everyone should decide for themselves. Fact is that I have decided to have a large lack of dicipline and it so but at to keep the lessons at the gym. Pilates, body in motion Image removed by Alycea Ungaro editorial Author publishing house Pearson education ISBN € 9043010545 retail price 17.95

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