Strength training for Women

strength training for women

the title \ ‘ \ ‘ can directly associations calls of muscular bodybuildsters. To reassure many of you, that is not in this book. The philosophy of the author of this book (Joan Pagano) is by most training, precisely proportioned forms to get in your body and you to make resilient against the various symptoms of aging. This way of training promotes the preservation of strength, flexibility and balance. It helps to bone decalcification either to prevent or retard Osteoporosis. And for many but by no means least, it helps to improve the ratio of fat-muscle mass. Finally, what is for many sports: it reduced, the risk of heart disease and diabetes in old age. According to this training method you start first with a fitness test, next comes the warming up at the turn. Then she describes 4 exercises for always or \ ‘ \ ‘ 4 Life. The rest of the book is devoted to exercises per muscle group. The exercises are clearly explained where per muscle group is described why you train them and what you can do to make them heavier once you \ ‘ advanced \ ‘ are. What do you need: at least twice a week at least ca 3 quarter time. A quiet and undisturbed place in house where you can do the exercises. A good dose of self discipline and what equipment such as a mat, various types of weights, bands and balls. Scare of the latter list is not needed. As a beginner you have to just a mat enough the rest will come in the course of the time. And … it will always be cheaper than a subscription at the gym! If the above items would not cause any problems, then this may be a good method for your best what to do to your figure and also healthier old. Already offers the book for this last, of course, no guarantees… Strength training for women Image removed by editors Author Joan Pagano publishing house Pearson education ISBN € 9043010553 retail price 17.95

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