Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

expected from this movie no engaging storyline with a super strong plot. Personally, I find that the movie weak start and reasonably long need to get you started. If that happened once after about 45 minutes comes the smile on your face. Some scenes are even hilarious to call. This is going well until about 10 minutes before the end. They then try to a movie that, in my view, just simple should have kept to give another meaning what the end somewhat ‘ mushy ‘ makes. Fortunately, the 5-minute bloopers that will be shown at the end be this good again and is the weak end soon forgotten. The special features on this dvd include the Cinema trailers, deleted scenes and the aforementioned bloopers. And what will I say…? The Cinema trailers is a feature that I cannot snap. Of the deleted scenes, it is good that they \ ‘ deleted \ ‘ are. And the bloopers are as stated before Nice, but unfortunately not to watch the movie. For who: women who just want to look at a sometimes humorous feel-good movie, where they don’t really have to keep their attention at. For those who do not: people who love a good story with a solid plot and brilliant acting work … Miss Congeniality 2 Armed and Fabulous Image removed by editor Warner Bros. running time ca. 111 minutes Genre comedy

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