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This o so well-known tune reveals the story line of the very first episode of the nineties hit series ” The Nanny ” . Fran Fine, a Jewish girl from Queens in New York, who with her fiance works in a bridal shop. But as the song implies, she lost her job and her fiance in 1 hit. While she sells cosmetics door-to-door, calling them in to the rich widower and Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield. He is busy looking for a nanny. Fran is assumed to apply and accidentally comes after a somewhat separate meeting with the children Gracie, Brighton and Maggie she gets the job. So we meet through the whole series more characters: butler Niles, who with his comments the blood under the nails of C.C. Babcock, the business partner of Maxwell, from. C.c. has a crush on Sheffield, but the good man has clearly not on. Maybe also because he only has an eye for the charming and striking appearance of Miss Fine. This produces wonderfully hilarious moments on.

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in addition to the 24 episodes spread over 3 DVDs, there are also a number of special features on. ” The making off … ” gives a very nice look on the series and its cast, with commentary by producer and The Nanny Fran Drescher herself in a number of episodes. Furthermore, the necessary trailers for the series ” Dawson’s Creek ” and ” Bewitched ” , which also appeared on DVD.Fun facts: ~ the real father and mother of Fran Drescher playing every now and then also an episode as extras. ~ Patti LaBelle and Dan Aykroyd have a small supporting role in one of the episodes. ~ Chester, the pet dog of c. C in the series, is in real life the dog by Fran. ~ Fran Drescher playing the role of Val left by her girlfriend Rachel Chagall. ~ Fran and her husband Peter Marc Jacobsen have the series written and produced together. In episode 24, Peter Marc even a roll as Romeo. ~ The striking clothing by Fran plays an important role in the series. Even the set was built in light colors so that the clothing would fall more on. This colorful DVD-box is a must for a few nights of laughter and great entertainment for everyone. Image removed by editors

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