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you’re just 15 years and Dutch kiteboarding champion for almost a year now. How did you come into contact with kiteboarding and when did you start? It actually began when my brother Kevin about golf went surfing to the kiteboarding. I then started with Power-kiten (kiten on the beach) and soon came the board there and became the kiteboarding. This was about 2.5 years ago and since then I am fanatical training.How many times a week should you train? There is for me not a specific number of times I train per week. As soon as wind will and will I train. We live here close to the stand, so I am so. How many times per week so … as often as possible.Train your only here in Netherlands or also abroad? Usually I train in Noordwijk, nevertheless, I hope the coming school year manage to at least a month to train in South Africa. Kiteboarding is a typical men’s sport and it is physically heavy? Currently, a sport in which your kiteboarding more men than women encounter. Although that more and more women with the tournament with it. And well … I find it physically heavy fall with it, of course you’re quite a good condition needed. Just train so much.

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Do you have at school and what training do you do? Yes I just 2 years BUSINESS behind it and still need 2 years. For next year we informed at school whether it is possible to also taught to get through internet and e-mail. That will be quite tricky. Especially when conducting tests. That should of course be completely honest go. I want that too though, otherwise I have only myself and I can if I’m no longer at school werklijk come along.Would you like to do a sequel yet after school training or do you have other plans? No for me not even more school, I’ll be glad when I have it. After school I want professional kite-boarder are like my brother Kevin is now. He is now just finished school and now travels around the world for competitions, training camps, photo-shoots and many other fun and interesting Affairs. I would also like to do, lots of nice things, on beautiful places come and meet nice people.You sit for kiteboarding much abroad and do you miss your family then? Yes I’m regularly abroad. For example, I been to Austria, the Dominican Republic, Fuerte Ventura and South Africa ever since. Until now it was so that my parents always have gone. With the exception of Fuerte Ventura beginning this August, when I was working with my brother. That went very well. In the future, we must look at a time or the tickets and lodging are affordable or that my brother there is. And Miss.., that falls so far so bad, we call a lot.If I hear is kiteboarding best precious. Travel a lot and costly equipment. How you finance that? That is now mostly through sponsors. My first sponsor was for my wetsuit and these contacts were already implemented through my brother Kevin. Then I came across a Team. They illegally much, that went well until this team fell apart. Now I have individual sponsorship deals with O \ ‘ Neill for the clothing and with Naish for boards and kites. You also have friends outside the kiteboard world and how do you maintain these friendships? I have no friendships with girls like many other girls that have among themselves. I’m going to be fine with some girls, but if we in the city are and it starts to blow, I would just go to the beach. Otherwise I just sjaggerijnig. Furthermore, I have a lot of friends here on the beach of the kiteboarding. I usually do maintain contact through the forums, you can get rid of your story on here and can also ask your friends and acquaintances to say if they want to.

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What is your proudest moment so far? The moment I me this year qualified for a tournament on Maui, Hawaii!! I was at that time the best female kite-boarder of Netherlands and have won a trip to Hawaii! Too bad Kevin didn’t win there has in men, but my cousin though! So we’d go. It has to be fantastic, I can’t wait. (note from the editor, at the time of placement of this article is Jalou in Hawaii at the kiteboard event Red Bull King of the Air) Finally, there is something I’m not asked to have? Yes … if you’re excited by the stories … now please a few lessons in proper kite-kite-school for you to buy material is about. Material is expensive and it is wise to know first what it is, or you really like and where you when you buy should look out for. Furthermore, it is completely

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