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Still quite awhile and then Jan, Jans and the children to see in person in the Dutch theaters. In the eponymous musical comedy play Jan, Jans, Karlijn, Cabrera, Perry, Grandpa, the cats and dog all a role. Plien van Bennekom (including George Bianca and seed) plays Jans, Alex Kadam (including Tacks cabaret) played the role of Brian and Jan is played by Wil van der Meer (a.o. Pluk van de Petteflet). Jan, Jans and the children is a cheerful and cheeky musical show about an average Dutch family. Who’s not grown up with the old Dutch family Tromp? Finally, we see them all on the scene: The clumsy Jan, the active Jans, the adolescent to notice this precocious Cabrera, the brutal, the Paula Dean Rusk, the balky Grandpa, and the false, soft, philosophizing and fighting cats and dog … Of course it’s nothing \ ‘ before and after but meanwhile some wrong in the seemingly ideal family. They keep the clean appearance on, but one by one they dreams of another House, another job, another life … They sing about love and longing, and threaten to fall apart. Or do they come back together?

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With the strip in mind writes Baba the script and the song texts for this brand new Dutch comedy. Henny Vrienten is attracted to the music. Edwin Kolpa designs the decor, Arno Bremers draws the costumes, the light was designed by Stefan Dijkman. The direction is in the hands of Gijs de Lange. Jan, Jans and the children are released in the framework of the Jubilee of the comic Jan, Jans and the children, who this year 35 years. From 14 October to see in various theatres in the Netherlands! On Vrouw.nl we give this week a number of sets of 2 tickets for Jan, Jans and the children. Would you like to be part of it? Then give the right answer to the following question: what is the name of the family dog of the Tromp? Mail the solution to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl and please include your name, address and username. Please include date and place to which your preference goes out. (Etten Leur, Apeldoorn, Venray or Breda) Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! This contest will run until 14 October

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