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And that passion varicose also from her new album Halfway Home \ ‘ \ ‘ off! The album was recorded in Madrid and New York with producers James Anthony, Yiorgos á Yadam Bellapaisiotis and the Cuban Gonz lez. They are the men who sound for her second album so could make it sound like Hind it itself meant. An album as a tribute to her second home and the music they grew up. Hind itself is in Netherlands born, her mother is Dutch and her father Moroccan and Hind feels equally at home in Morocco, as in Netherlands. The album Halfway Home \ ‘ \ ‘ gives that mix actually perfect weather; Western pop songs with a plethora of Arabic influences. The lyrics to the songs are mostly sadder than the music. So goes the sensitive and lingering \ ‘ \ ‘ Ashamed-the number that Hind along with Tjeerd Oosterhuis wrote-about the fate of asylum-seekers whose applications, the rousing \ ‘ \ ‘ Shanny Ya wrote Hind following her journey through India for the Working Women’s Forum Project. The cheerful melancholic sung entirely in Habbaytek Besaif \ ‘ \ ‘ Arab is a cover of Fairuz, é é of the biggest Arab artists in the world. This song carries Hind on to her family in Morocco. The title song’s Halfway Home \ ‘ is a refreshing mixture of jazz and soul influences. On \ ‘ In the Distance the Moroccan rapper Salah Edin’s RAPS-between the great background vocals by-a hearty game of with it. The surprisingly subtle jazzy number \ ‘ Sweet Woman Child \ ‘ is about the two struggle between the woman and child, something to her own say close to her is. The refrain of the on the Portuguese Fado ge ï ‘ I’ll go On inspiration \ \ ‘ is written in Arabic and in the sensitive love song \ ‘ \ ‘ is Say a Word the musical accompaniment simple strings, piano and bass guitar. The Arab influences make a delicious Halfway Home \ ‘ \ ‘ cheerful and neatly but-seen-certainly not lyrically and musically simple album. It is a very adult sounding album. Halfway Home \ ‘ \ ‘ is a set of sounds which I on holiday delusion, but I’m sure it feels like coming home for many. Hind-\ ‘ Halfway Home \ ‘ Sony BMG Music Entertainment Image removed by redactieNet as Ali b. Hind theatre tour is also going on. In addition to singing songs from her new album, she tell stories about how they for example on idea ë n for certain numbers has come. Well it lays her soul on the album Halfway Home \ ‘ \ ‘ getting pretty bare, but through its Halfway Home Theatre tour – which in 2006-so you can get to know even better, Hind. On the site you can find Hind’s current tour dates

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