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The musical about the Ghost in the Opera House of Paris is now known. For the Philistines among our readers I will briefly tell … The Phantom of the Opera (Grelad Butler) has the reins in the opera house. He directs pieces and is dedicated in learning singing the orphan Christine (Emmy Rossum). The little girl grows into a beautiful beautiful woman and steals the heart of the ghost. He lures her in the catacombs of the Opera. then get the Opera a new owner, Raoul (Patrick Wilson), who turns out to be a jeugliefde of Christine. Much to the dismay of the ghost again their love flourishes on. the ghost get revenge and murder is the consequence. The search for the man behind the Ghost is opened. ..

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It is clearly not a normal film, but a film version of the musical where Andrew Lloyd Webber has had a big influence. But despite that the film something from wiping out of the theater feeling, where The Phantom of The Opera of course most comes into its own, they have delivered a State-of-the-art timber-framed with this film. Where you in the theater the special effects fog, they have here in the film made use of to the fullest. Also the decor is really marvellous. A lot of gold and candles and profusion of luxury and Gothic. The music is, as you would expect at a movie to a musical, frequently present. The actors also sing the pieces all by yourself, on Minnie Driver after. But maybe we should be lucky that they did. Raise that part or her performance again, because her role of spoiled, bitchy opera singer plays them really great. It is literally a film adaptation of the musical, so expect no different storylines. The film is primarily about the music, which of course really is fantastic, but in the endless repeated. You have to love it. I still prefer the musical with it, even though the movie is really very nicely made. The 2 DVD includes of course a second DVD with lots of extra’s such as The making of, trailers, deleted scenes and interviews. In particular The Making of is for true Phantom fans more than worth it. Of course, the master himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber frequently discussed. I personally find the DVD a must, if only to the beautiful kitcherige pompous decors. Any disadvantage: you sit back a few weeks with the title song The Phantom of The Opera in your head. I hope you can live with roommates. The double-DVD of Phantom of the Opera since september, is available in stores. For more information about the film and trailers, visit the official site

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