Hip hypes in the gym

but what are actually for this program’s? Vrouw.nl put this three youngest hypes in sport school country for you at a glance, so you make informed and well prepared to your first lesson begins: Body Power This workout can be best described as fitness on music. If you so you don’t feel like in all kinds of dance steps, but just intensive sports, this workout is for you. During training all muscle groups discussed in detail. Most exercises are performed with a special weight bar, called \ ‘ barbell \ ‘. The weight of the barbell can be determines by using discs yourself. Because you own the weight determines, beginners and advanced side by side can get involved. In addition to the barbell is there also used a lying exercise bench, on which exercises. Even though you work with weights in these lessons, you do according to the teachers not to be afraid that you after a few weeks Bodypump big huge and muscular arms gets. The training is not only focused on muscle toning, but also on slimming and preserving muscle mass. The combination of the high energy consumption and strengthening the muscles makes it the ideal training to quickly \ ‘ \ ‘ to come in shape. BodyPump is given in some 150 sports centers in Netherlands, so if you’re up for a lesson, you can probably go anywhere near you.Kick Fun there are already quite a few Dutch celebrities addicted to Lieke van Lexmond and Fun, especially Kick Fajah Lourens (known from GTST) can no longer do without their weekly lesson. When you like to improve your condition and fan of boxing, Kick is Fun is right for you. Your boxes and kicks there namely during an hour Kick Fun well on los. This kicking and boxing don’t you against each other, but against a Kick bag (a movable cylinder shaped punching bag). A perfect occasion to get rid of all your stress and negative energy! However, it is not as if you spent an hour trying to save the Kick bag to smithereens. Kick Fun is intended as an interval training, where you two minutes intensive exercises, then a pause, to get back a few minutes to train. Despite that you during an hour Kick Fun a lot of moves, the goal of the program is not able to burn calorie ë n. After several lessons Kick, however, an improvement in fitness Fun you will expect, and agility. Also nice to mention: Kick Fun is aimed at people who are not on music can move, which many men register for the lessons! The program is open to everyone, but who back, neck or knee problems, need to watch out for.Body Balance Body balance is a program focused on cre ë a good balance between body and spirit, then grabs also back on the traditional program’s Yoga and Tai Chi. parts that came with Body Balance stress its flexibility, static force, concentration, meditation. In addition, you will learn to stay focused breath. In this program does not use complicated choreography, but is it going to the adoption of reasonably simple movements and positions. The lessons are so not focused on improving the condition or to lose weight. Body Balance does ensure an improvement in your posture, flexibility, coordination and balance static force, co ö. If you follow the lessons a longer period of time, you will eventually reach a higher level of relaxation. This will allow the daily stress you experience through work or study, less harmful consequences. In practice also shows that Body Balance in many cases has a positive effect on people with back problems. According to the teachers are you after a few lessons been able to adopt a correct body posture and works the program relaxing for your shoulder and neck muscles. Body Balance is therefore not recommended when you want to lose weight, but it is a fine lesson when you after a long day of work w é l want to be active, but not want to come home dead tired. So see, there is something for everyone! Or you’re going to lose weight, to improve your condition or to have a good balance between body and spirit: you’ll find it in the gym. So ladies, good luck! For finding a gym, go to: www.fitness.verzamelgids.nlwww.fitness.pagina.nl

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