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it’s been 41 years since the series for the first time on tv was, but who does not know the comedy Bewitched? Anyway just a brief introduction to refresh your memory. Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) is married to Darrin Stephens (Dick York) and together they try to comply with the American dream. This in itself they nice, on a very small obstakeltje finicky after: Samantha is a witch. During their wedding night Samantha must promise to Darrin that they no longer use magic. Easier said than done if you have a mother as Sam, the witch Endora (Agnes Moorehead) ber-ü, which were not at all happy with the magieloze Darrin as a son-in-law. In her struggles to learn to Cook, keep the House clean, part are, her mother to play the girlfriend to keep satisfied and it is no wonder that Samantha occasionally cheat and sneak a little bit magic applies. And here comes the famous wobble cream (or the famous Elizabeth Montgomery ‘ nosetwitch ‘) than necessary. By making a small movement of her nose trying to contain everything Sam, which obviously fails or the series wouldn’t be so funny. If you look at the aflveringen, set your mind on zero and do not mind the eternal recyclende story lines but on the comic acting and Sam’s beautiful sixties outfits.

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There are not too many extras on the dvd. A clip compilation, a documentary and two trailers. Still, that’s more than enough. The clip compilation is entertaining and the documentary not so annoying long and even fun to opt out. For example, did you know that Bewitched the first series on American tv was where a married couple slept in a double bed instead of in two beds é é? And that Samantha is a child of divorced parents, something very innovative for the American television during that time? Bewitched is definitely a gem for any dvd collection, witches honor! And now I must excuse me here if you don’t mind, I have that ‘ nosetwitch ‘ still not under the nose.. EH knee! Write on the calendar: on 13 October (no Friday but a Thursday) enters the movie Bewitched with Nicole Kidman in premi è re as Samantha and Will Ferrell as Darrin!

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