Must-have items for fall

the trick is of course to a few indispensable trendy items to purchase, which you can combine. We’ll let you know which five items in any case should not be missing in your wardrobe upcoming autumn: a pilot or military jacket Completely inspired by The Aviator. You know them well, the jackets with endless knots or the learning pilots jackets with sheep fur collar. This fall an absolute must-have!Boots This autumn are especially the boots all \ ‘ \ ‘ in style. High heels, military boots, beige, black or with embroidery … it doesn’t matter, as long as it boots are!

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Velvet velvet buy something this fall. Velvet comes back in a lot of collections. Whether it’s jackets or dresses. Velvet is absolutely indispensable in your fall collection.A shawl silk or wool, it is all not out. Just like last year is a shawl showing indispensable in the street scene. They Vili your outfit on and thus is a very decorative item for upcoming autumn.A dress Dresses in all shapes and colors. Whether you under a chic jacket, military jacket or vest wearing. Dresses are totally hot again this fall. Of course with some nice boots there to heat under your legs. All five items in your closet and you gets back stylish the autumn by!

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