Cronicas, If it ' s on tv … it must be the truth

and rightly so!!! In the world of television is all about play and be played. Everything for ratings. How far does journalism for fame, how far you let your moral boating, how far do you go for a story?! Similarly in the life of journalist Manolo Bonilla, played by Emmy-award winner-John Leguizamo. We follow him and his cameralploeg in the hunt for a serial rapist/child killer. They work for a tabloid-program and Manolo is the big ” Star reporter ” . Everything for the big story, for d é breakthrough. Their search leads them to a small town in Ecuador, where just yet another mass grave containing children’s dead bodies has been unearthed. They film the funeral of one of the victims, é é intense grief, broken parents, when suddenly the other son of these parents ” accidentally ” is killed. The perpetrator, a 40 year old ” panic-stricken ” father Vinicio, is openly set ablaze by the sad father and Manolo comes tussenbeiden. Right away, he is the great hero of the village. Vinicio gets stuck and in an interview let this man loose, that he has more information about the serial killer. Manolo feel here more behind it and follows his ” reporters instinct ” . However, this guy wants his ” minute of fame ” in Manolo’s programme with the aim to demonstrate his innocence and regain his freedom. In return he gives Manolo the information. Despite the reservations of his producer and his own team, put his sentence by Manolo on own-account. After much deliberation, they come to an understanding and a story is born. The story. More and more, the puzzle pieces into place. Details that only the perpetrator could know … A forgotten children’s delicious perfume. The movie is quite wordy and had also told in half an hour, but still, that’s not disturbing. The psychological game, the emotions, the power of the characters … it is all very well displayed. You feel very much along with the characters and on the other hand you feel very alienated from them. Gradually it becomes clear that there is a very common game is played. That the manipulator is manipulated. Manolo knows who the serial killer is, but if he brings this out then he loses his face. He goes for the story with a chance of his own tv show? Or he prefers righteousness and the fate of many children’s leventjes? Will morality and ethics winning fame and glory? In my view, a very good movie in its genre. No good wegkijk movie but a real Lian. Very well acted and a good story, that criticized the way some media mainly self-serving and lose sight of ethics. Director: Sebastián WiFi Producciones Anhelo, Sebastián WiFi á n á n production Cordero: Cordero Distributor: Paradiso Filmed Entertainment scenario: Sebastián WiFi á n Cordero cast: John Leguizamo, Leonor Watling, Dami á n á í é, Jos Mar a Alc zar Yazpik, Gloria Leyton camera: Enrique Chediak length: 108 minutes

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