Gossip & Gucci

The ” successor ” of the bestseller The Devil Wears Prada is about the rich in Manhattan and, in particular, the PR industry. Bette ended up in Gossip & Gucci at a trendy company in Manhattan, where as in the predecessor everyone beautiful and incredibly well dressed foor life goes on. After an 80-hour workweek at a boring banker, dies Bette now between the rich and famous of New York. Bette should for this company parties, where everyone who is anyone should be present. She turns in no time from a nobody into a somebody. The ugly duckling becomes a Swan, which even the most coveted British Bachelor on the hook saves. Her stories are fodder for her uncle Will, society-journalist. If one finds out, is this its not readily accepted. Just as in the Devil Wears Prada, this book contains a demanding bazin terrible skinny colleague’s and you’ll be bombarded with expensive fashion labels. Yet this book is missing the glimmer of what mine did pine for more and more. Where the Devil Wears Prada could Captivate me for hours, some passages in Gossip & Gucci not to come. The book is not as amusing as the Devil Wears Prada, but the real Weisberger-fans will once again enjoy the bitchy-ness and fashionista’s in the book. Incidentally, the book contains a small mistake. On the back speaks with about Jen, while they are in the book itself Bette is called. Small mistake, yet sloppy …Gossip & Gucci-Lauren Weisberger Isbn 9022541193Uitgeverij The Library

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