James Blunt; from the military in the music

A carri è re in the music lag when you not at all so obvious. I come from a military family. My grandfather had an important function in the army, as well as my father. It was almost obvious that my future lay in the army. My father wanted a perfect job for me with good carri è revooruitzichten. Because he knew the ins and outs of the army he also had all the contacts.What memories do you have to time your army? Fun and less fun memories. I found my time on the military boarding school not so fun. Your bed every morning super had to look pretty. Everything had to be exactly right and perfectly folded. I didn’t feel like that every day to do, so I just slept on the ground for a while! But I also have plenty of nice memories though. I have had a lot of fun with the boys, also once I was in the military. Another beautiful lace was that you can do many good things together with your measurements. You can do much for the people and stuff.How did you hear about in the music? I’ve always been been crazy music. On my seventh I played piano, later came the guitar there. The magic of music I so was discovered. I also sat for a while in a cover band. Moreover, without much success. Beyond school performances and in smoky rooms we have not kicked.Your parents were not exactly music lovers. My father saw music as noise and we did not even have a cd player at home. The only music I heard was in the car, where my mother was her music. At school I learn to play the piano. When I was in a musical I was sold.You have also made music in the army? Yes. When I was stationed in Kosovo, I had my guitar with me always. Without music I was never passed my time in that war zone. I have late night held a lot of fellow soldiers from their sleep, haha. Music got me through it dragged. I have one too few songs written about it.And now you’re nice and full time in the music. In 2002 I from the army left to me at all on the music to collapse. I met Linda Perry, who also has worked with Christina Aguilera and Pink. This cooperation has brought me my first number 1 hit with ‘ Beautiful ‘.Do you have the army said goodbye for good now? As far as I’m concerned, but there is still the chance that I get called up for military service over the next two years. I would also not as bad, because I keep fond memories of the army. Along with my other sizes in Kosovo can do for the people we have sheet. Such experience also not immediately clear your from your memory. But for the moment I deposit me though on the music. Share music with your fans can also be very very nice. Would you like to also be able to enjoy the great CD James Blunt’s Back to Bedlam \ ‘ \ ‘? It can be done! Of course you can run to the store, but we give on Vrouw.nl also some copies away. To win this CD, give the right answer to the question: In which year was James Blunt born? Mail your answer to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl and please include your name, address and username. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only 1 entry per address! This contest will run until 24 October

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