The Brothers Grimm

the film is about the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Will. We know them as the great storytellers, but in this movie, they are still young and unknown. Jacob, played by Heath Ledger, is the dreamer and Will, a role of Matt Damon, is the (more) level-headed of the two. Together they travel from village to village and collect folklore stories for their book. They do this by people to ” Save ” from Enchanted creatures and through excorcisme. This is all fake, until one day they end up in a real adventure. This whole piece lasts for almost half the movie and that makes the movie very wordy. I was annoyed at the question time and again broken me of actions. Every time the story seems to come on stream, then they are back to square one. ” No maybe this is not the good way ” ! Just terrible. In addition describes the film the story of two GERMAN brothers. Well I have to say that Heath nice tries on z ´ n accent though. Unfortunately, it seems, however, whether he has been to the dentist and he has forgotten the cotton wool tampons out of his choosing to pick up. In itself I find Heath Ledger with his young age quite a nice actor, but in this movie is that not reflected. Unfortunately … Matt Damon is already completely terrible. Who has tried the whole accent but not at all. Striking always in movies like this, I find the spoken language. The main characters are German, but played by American actors. Choose just for letting the American … go play, no German accent if you can’t. An additional advantage is that the French roles also need to have no French accent. Because that of course we are going to try … mind you: try! Sigh … Back to the story, because in addition to that the supertraag expires, there is some fun by created. So there are various fairy tale characters over. My personal favorite is the Gingerbread Man, but there for you should really see the movie. Beautiful imaginary and certainly good filmed/ge-animated. A fairy tale would be a not a fairy tale are, of course, if there is no love story in for would come. Well be never mind … it’s there in processed. Though I wonder what it actually adds to the whole … anyway, that’s personal. To save the clean, Angelika (Lena Headey), it appears the key to the whole mystery. Fortunately, all right … Though they first with Jacob, then with Will, then again with Jacob, then both and end up with neither … it remains a sympathetic female. On the other hand, the special effects are well worth the effort. Moving/running trees, the Gingerbread Man, werewolves, crows … it again! Very nice animated, I must honestly admit it, but I think they could make more of it. I’m really a terrible sucker for fairy tales movies. I have almost all of them thuisliggen on DVD and Video. Really, I’m not quickly dissatisfied with a movie, but what this movie has disappointed me say! It’s a fun movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon, if you have nothing better to do anyway. Are you looking for a movie without depth, with bad acting, full of annoyance and that goes so slow that you almost fall asleep … then this is d é movie for you! Do you expect a beautiful and good rendition of Grimm fairy tales, gift special effects, good acting and thrills and spills, in short a good story? Do yourself a favor and go see another movie then.

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